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Mr. Shaffner is a character created by Kristen. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Locker 22".


Mr. Shaffner. Before becoming the assistant principal at Derby High school, worked as a chemistry teacher. In 1968 he had a student named Candy Warren. He was either unaware or neglectful to check the shape and state of his equipment. So he let Candy stay after school to work on her chemistry project unsupervised. It was his fault, that the room filled full of gas and she died in an explosion. This was due to him him not realizing that she used a rotted gas burner tube.

He was never convicted or suspected for any involvement for Candy's death. As the years progressed and he was eventually promoted to assistant principal. He became a stressed, impatient and grumpy old educator. Also his co-worker Mr. Radeau continued to teach at the school as well. He was also unaware that the ghost of Candy Warren would silently lurk around the school.

In 1993 Julie Dufaux recently transferred to his school. He and Julie did not make a good first start. He was not happy that she was already complaining to him. When he assigned her a locker so far from her home room class. Also when he suspected she may have been responsible for a fight food in the cafeteria. Therefore he warned her to not cause him any more grief.

He did not know that Julie began to be visited by Candy's ghost. Soon Julie had accepted Candy's necklace, she went back in time to 1968. In 1968 he, along with everyone else thought she was Candy Warren. So he proceeded to tell her, that would stay late to help her. But if her chemistry project wasn't done today by 4:00 pm she'll be getting an F. Then she will be going to summer school. Then he says ya dig? She says yes and he tells her Groovy and he'll see her after school in the science lab.

Shaffner prepares some chemistry equipment, including a Bunsen burner, but was unaware that the burner's tube is rotted. He leaves Julie to do the work and informs her that he will return in 20 minutes. While Julie struggles to light the burner.

Julie's new friend Chris is brought into the past by Candy and runs into Shaffner, the two fight before Chris runs past him and into the Chemistry lab to stop Julie from suffering the same accident. He attempts to berate Chris for interrupting, but Chris points out the rotted burner tube. and Chris disparages him about not checking his equipment and suggests he may be in the wrong line of work. Hearing this. he became horrified by the mistake he almost made. So thanks to Julie and Chris' help, the past changed so Candy survived.

Back in the present, with the past now changed, he doesn't become the assistant principal. Instead, Candy Warren does. It is unknown what happened to him in this altered timeline. But it is possible that he may resigned from the school or was terminated for safety negligence.


  • John Koensgen is the father of Jonathan Koensgen. Jonathan Koensgen portrayed Tom.

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