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This is a good character.

Mr. Smith is a character created by Gary. He appeared a minor character in the episode "The Tale of the Renegade Virus".


Mr. Smith is a math teacher at Simon and Evan's school. He is usually on good terms with Simon, while he was shown to be annoyed when Evan shows up late to class and lectured Evan for talking to Simon when it was time for a test.

Then when Simon took part in a virtual reality simulation, it was hacked by Evan. Evan wanted to show Simon how it felt for his life to be as bad as Evan's life. Unaware that it was hacked by a renegade virus, looking to take over Simon's brain.

In the simulation, Simon showed up to his class. There he was laughing and smiling in amusement. He then told Simon that he was late for the most important test of his life. He asked the whole class what 2+2 was. Then his class all seemed silly and dumb. One boy said it was 5. Then one girl said it was 6. As in 6 minutes left for Simon to stop the virus himself. Then he and the entire class all looked at Simon and he said 4. Which in reality would have been the correct answer.

Then he told him that he was wrong and he asked him just what formula he used. Suddenly Simon had no clothes on but his boxer shorts. Then he and his entire class all laughed at him as he ran out of the classroom humiliated.

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