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Mr. Wilson is a minor character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Water Demons".


He and his son Dean live in the country, it is unknown where the whereabouts of his wife is. He is the owner of a general convenience store. Which his son regularly helps him with. He and has son are known to make deliveries and allow some customers to have a store credit account.

During the events of the story, his nephew Shawn Mackenzie came to spend the summer. His nephew had recently been going through a period of disobedience and rotten behavior. So it was thought that perhaps with some of his stricter discipline, it could help set his nephew straight. He would make it clear time and time again that he would not tolerate or put up with his disobedience and rotten behavior.

His nephew at first was very bored, thinking the country was boring and didn't help out in the store. He was unaware that his nephew was stealing bubblegum and chocolate bars.

One night, when he told his son and nephew it was time for bed, his nephew strongly disagreed. Since it was still early. He told his nephew that when he sleeps under his roof, he will follow his rules. So his nephew had a little hissy fit and ran off. He believed that he would be back in a while, after he calmed down.

He didn't know that his nephew went over to sleep in the hammock outside, Captain Abraham Westchester's mansion. The old sea captain who was haunted by water demons. The water demons would come for the captain whenever he fell asleep to capture him and drag him to the sea. for stealing their valuables. Also since his nephew recently stole a gold pocket watch during a delivery, they were now after him too.

Soon his nephew gave a big collection of Captain Westchester's valuables to the site of a wreckage in the Captain's backyard. Therefore the water demons were now at peace.

Then afterwards, he was happy to see his son and nephew getting along. Also that his nephew stopped stealing, and started doing more to help out around the store.

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