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Mr. Wrightson is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".


Mr. Wrightson is a science teacher at Ethan Wood and Hooper Picalarro's high school. Judging by his age, he has been a teacher for many years. He is strict, serious and unreasonable.

During the events of the story, he was teaching his class how microwaves work. He had a giant microwave machine on display. Which made a giant sausage explode into bits. He proceeded to ask the class if anyone knew how it worked. His star-pupil Hooper was eagerly raising her hand wanting to explain. However, he wanted to see if anyone else knew. He gave up and explained himself how microwaves worked. In the process of explaining it, he caught Ethan reading a comic book in class.

The comic book called: "The Ghastly Grinner". It was about an insanely evil jester like clown. One who would prey on its victims by feeding off their emotions. Until the victims were nothing more than laughing and drooling insane idiots. He lectured and reprehended Ethan for not focusing on his priorities. Then he took the comic book and he dropped it into the fish tank, rudely tell him it was not one-of-a-kind. It was NONE of a kind!

He phoned Ethan's parents to inform him that once again, he was causing trouble in class and wasting his time on comic books. His parents were not too happy to hear about this. When Ethan got home, his parent lectured him and considered banning him from comic books, until he finished college. Ethan then tried to dry the comic book in the microwave. Then while Ethan was busy talking on the phone, the microwave exploded. This enabled the Ghastly Grinner to enter the real world.


Getting victimized!

The Ghastly Grinner wasted no time seeking new victims. It first victimized both both Ethan and Hooper's parents. They both instantly became helpless slime drooling and laughing idiot. Soon Hooper suggested exposing the Grinner to microwave oven rays. So they hurried over to his classroom and begun to set up his huge microwave emitter.

He tried to stop them thinking that fooling around with the machine was dangerous and no laughing matter. Then the Grinner took him by surprise. Then he was also turned into helpless and insane drooling and laughing idiot. Afterwards they proceeded to use his microwave emitters on the Grinner. But in the real world, it had no effect on the Grinner.

Finally, Ethan did what he was destined to do: Finishes the last Ghastly Grinner comic book. It included a super hero based on Ethan.

In the comic book, Ethan exposed the Grinner to the rays of a microwave. Which seemed to work and zap the grinner dead. Then, about a moment The Grinner sneaked up on Ethan from behind and was about to victimize him. Until Hooper erased The Grinner's face off. Then Ethan was released from the comic book world. Then he and all of the victims were changed back to normal.

Soon Ethan finally did become a famous and successful comic book artist. It is unknown whether or not he supported him or was proud of his success.


  • Terrence Labrosse also portrayed Duncan.

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