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Mrs. Diane Tyler is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".


She is Kevin's loving mother and Dr. John Tyler's wife. She and her husband are stern but loving parents. However she and her husband find artistic people to be different and strange. Therefore she and her husband look down on them. During the events of the story, she and her husband were not made aware that their son had been dating the artistic girl Julie Hart for the past three months. However she felt a change in her son's attitude and behavior after he began to socialize with Julie as friends.

One evening she and her husband become overly concerned when their son didn't return home. When Julie Hart phoned her, she and her husband began to suspect that Julie may have had something to do with their son's disappearance.

What she and her husband did not know what that within the park was a beautifully sculpted stone statue. It was called The Stone Maiden. It was sculpted and donated to the park years ago by the artist: Vivian White. The origin of the statue was based on an Ancient Greek legend. It was about two young lovers, whose parents did not approve of their relationship. Therefore the girl found a potion. One in which it would turn them into statues. They both agreed that since their love for each was so strong, they would rather spend eternity together as statues. Instead of being forced to live the rest of their mortal lives apart.

Recently, without consent from Vivian White, the city sold the boy half of the statue to another park in New York City to balance out their budget. So a maintenance man named Bob, removed the boy statue off of the plinth. When this happened, the legend came to life. Immediately the girl statue felt lonely and seeked out a new mate. Therefore real water began to pour from her vase.

Kevin came across the statue and drank some water to quench his thirst. He immediately felt sick and in agonizing pain. Then Kevin turned into a solid stone statue. That was eye witnessed by a man named: Henry. Henry was a self employed recyclist who kept the park clean.

The next day she and her husband were very worried about their son. Since he hadn't come home yet. At first she began to suspect that Julie may have kidnapped their son. But Julie convinced she and her husband that she did not know where he was.

After Henry convinced Julie what had happened she phoned she and her husband. They arrived at the park, puzzled and frustrated demanding to know what was going on. Julie informed she and her husband that after Kevin drank some water from the statue's fountain something terrible happened to him. She was horrified to hear this, thinking he may have been poisoned.

Then after Henry and Julie stole the boy statue back, they reattached it back into place. However the spell was still not broken. Then she and her husband observed Julie confess her love to their son. She heard Julie say didn't care what she and her husband thought of her, or of them being together. She states that they might be different, but they belong together. Then Julie told their son that she loved him. Then Julie kissed him on the cheek. Then Julie pleaded for him to come back to her.

Then from true love's kiss, the statue of their son instantly transformed back to normal. She was so shocked over the series of events that she fainted. Soon afterwards she and her husband finally gave Julie their approval and respect.



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