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Mrs. Gregory is a character created by Gary & Frank. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Not much is known about Mrs. Gregory, besides the fact that she has previously babysat the Keegan brothers: Rush and Max. The boys are not too fond of her. They find her boring and they think that she smells like fish. During the events of the story, she was paid ahead of time to babysit the Keegan brothers for the weekend, while their parents went away on a bicycle riding trip. She was hired, since Mr. and Mrs. Keegan didn't think their boys were responsible enough to be left alone without hurting each other.

Then she came over just after Mr. and Mrs. Keegan left for the trip. When she knocked on the door, Rush and Max successfully tricked her into believing that they were sick with the measles. Therefore their parents decided to stay home and look after them. She suggested looking after them herself, saying that was good with children.

Then Max put his hand through the mail slot and it was all covered with red dots. This fooled her into believing the family was contagious. So she accepted her prepaid payment and hurriedly went home.

Therefore the Keegan brothers got to stay home alone all weekend. Whether or not she ever found out the truth by asking the parents how they were at a later time, resulting for the boys to get in trouble is unknown.

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