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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Mrs. Gregory appeared as a minor character in the three part episode arc "The Tale of the Silver Sight".


Mrs. Gregory is the wife of Mr. Gregory as well as the mother of Jim and Peggy. Her Mother-in-law was Eleanor Gregory, who was a founding member of the original Midnight Society.

When her Mother-in-law passed away, she and her family inherited her mansion and mass fortune. Then some years later, the consequences of the bad choices and decisions her mother-in-law made came back to haunt she and her family. Eventually she and her family lost their mansion, most of their money and cars. So she and her family resorted into living in hiding inside the sewers beneath their old estate. This was the only place to keep them hidden from the authorities, debt collectors, bookies and loan sharks who they still owed or had borrowed money from.

She and her family lived in an area in the sewers that was laden with mousetraps everywhere, while trying to keep a happy disposition. Her husband became a very anxious, stressed and paranoid person. Her husband was not only worried that their enemies and the authorities would eventually find them, but also that they would eventually encounter The Silver Sight. The Silver Sight was an evil magical charm that was capable of granting ones any wish or desire. Her Mother-in-law and her friends all used it years ago. Her Mother-In-Law had use it to win big on the stock market. But the charm turned out to be evil and could harm and destroy innocent people. Also it was what caused her Mother-in-law's luck to eventually turn bad.

The Silver Sight was hidden years before by Bruce McGorrill who died the next day. Bruce gave her Mother-in-law, Donna Tilton, Gene and Laing Candle each a written clue as to where it was hidden. The clues were written on individual pieces of a broken record. Which when glued back together, a recording from Bruce would be played to reveal the charm's location.

In the year 2000 The Evil Demon in charge of the charm resurfaced at long last. The Demon and was in pursue of new people to use the charm. Gene sensed the presence and tried to stop it himself. But the Demon scared him of his wits and killed him. Therefore, Gene's Grandsons Gary and Tucker along with Tucker's Midnight Society dangerously began to track down the record pieces that had clues to the charm's whereabouts. So they could glue them together, then listen to the message and figured out where the charm was hidden. Then destroy it.

Megan got instructions to head over to Walker Court. She had trouble at first, until she followed her daughter down into the sewers. At first they made Megan feel welcome and tried to invite her for tea. Then when Megan finally got to the point of her visit. She told her husband that she and her friends were looking for the Silver Sight. Hearing this her husband got furious, and kicked Megan out.

Before Megan left, her son went behind she and her husband's back and helped her. Jim told Megan to come back later when her husband had calmed down. When Megan returned later, she could see that she and her family took off and left in a hurry. It turned out that General Laing Candle had found them. He threatened to report she and her family to the authorities, if they didn't give him the piece of the record. They ran off, but her son secretly left the piece behind in a note for Megan to find.