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Mrs. Jerome is a minor character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse".


Mrs. Jerome was a kind, caring and loving mother. She loved her daughter Emily very much. In 1960 she threw a big fancy party for her daughter's twelfth birthday. She got her a fancy blue birthday dress to wear. She also bought her daughter a nice big pile of birthday presents. She warned her daughter to be careful coming down the stairs. However the excitement of the birthday made her daughter eager enough to carry of all her birthday presents at once in one tall pile.

Her daughter walked down the stairs too quickly and tripped and fell down. Her daughter took a big tumble landing face flat on the wooden floor. Her daughter had injured her leg. Therefore had to stay in bed for a long time. For unknown reasons, she hired a Night Nurse to take care or her and watch her at nighttime.

It was believed that The Night Nurse, was crazy. One night when her daughter was sleeping, the Nurse gave her daughter a hypodermic needle of poison and died. She and her family were devastated. They immediately had the Night Nurse charged and arrested for murder. Therefore the Night Nurse was sentenced to life in prison. The Night Nurse claimed her innocence. Until the day she would later on die in prison.

After her daughter's death, her house got trapped in a slow time loop. Occasionally events and people from the day of her daughter's birthday would reappear time and time again. During the next forty years. Eventually, some years later A.J. and Nicki's Grampa bought her old house. Before moving she and her family had forgotten to take a trunk with them. The trunk filled with memorabilia, old newspaper clippings. Even the blue birthday dress was left inside of it.

It is unknown if the vision of her past self ever appeared, before Grampa. However at times, she would make the illusion of a Happy Birthday Emily cake appear. Also she and her family and friends would appear in mirrors telling people at random: Surprise! These things were being done to try to get someone's attention, asking for their help. Her daughter's ghost would also appear at times. Mostly falling down the stair with the pile of presents. Then disappear afterwards. Her daughter's ghost was harmless, and never bothered Grampa. So he wasn't too worried about things.

Then one winter weekend in 2000, Grampa's two granddaughters Nicki and A.J. were coming to spend a month with him. A.J. was just about the same age as her daughter had been. A.J and Nicki started seeing her daughter's ghost. Along with visions from the time loop happening every now and again.

A.J. and Nicki wanted to help her daughter. So they tried to summon her daughter's ghost with a birthday cake. However when blowing out the candles, they tampered with birthday magic. Therefore when wishing to make the ghost appear, it made the ghost of the Murderous Night Nurse appear. The Night Night was now trying to give A.J. and her sister a "shot".

Eventually A.J. discovered that the blue birthday dress had fit her perfectly. When putting the dress on it took A.J. back in time to 1960. When A.J. wore the dress it made her and everyone else in the past think that A.J. really was her daughter. A.J. decided that she would go back in time and become her daughter and not fall down the stairs. Therefore Emily would never need a Night Nurse who was crazy enough to kill her daughter. Then the ghost of the Night Nurse would no longer be after A.J. and Nicki.

A.J. as Emily, walked down the stairs with the big pile of presents very carefully. A.J. then discovered that the reason why Emily fell: It was because she had quickly bent over to try and pick up her bracelet that fell off her wrist. A.J. as Emily picked it up very carefully. Afterwards A.J. began to think that everything was going to be all right. Afterwards A.J. got a little overconfident, when coming down the stairs a little quicker. In which A.J. ended up falling down and getting Emily injured as planned.

A.J. as Emily found herself being cared for by The Night Nurse. It turned out that the Night Nurse only wanted to give her daughter a shot of penicillin to make her daughter feel better. Suddenly A.J. (as Emily) remembered that Emily had dropped her bracelet. Which happened to be her medical alert bracelet. It turned out that the Night Nurse didn't know that her daughter was allergic to penicillin. Therefore the Night Nurse did not give her the shot. So the Night Nurse never made the mistake that would have taken her daughter's life.

By doing this, history was altered. Her daughter never died from an allergic reaction. Her daughter made a full recovery and went on living.


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