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This is a good character.

Mrs. Ritter is a minor character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


Mrs. Ritter is a history teacher. She seems nice and mild-mannered. But she does keep an eye on students who do not seem to be paying attention. She teaches Jimmy Armstrong and his friends April and Josh. During the events of the story, she was teaching her class about the history of ancient Greece. Her student Jimmy found it to be kind of boring, while her student April found it to be very interesting. Later on she believed that Jimmy was starting to take interest, when she saw him reading a book.

However, she did not realize that he was privately reading a different history book. It was about the battle of Harrisville that took place in the nearby woods over 200 years ago, during the Revolutionary war. She also didn't know that Jimmy was entering a time slip whenever he entered the woods. So now he needed to help prevent the execution of the Minuteman Lt. William. So when Jimmy asked to be excused to help his friend, she said no. She didn't realize how important it was for him to go help his friend.

Luckily she ended her class just in the right amount of time. So Jimmy was able to go to the woods and save Lt. William.


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