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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Mrs. Robinson is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons".


Mrs. Robinson is a loving but strict and stern parent. During the events of the story, her daughter Janice wanted to put blue streaks in her hair, and wear a tight mini dress to the spring dance. She put her foot down and made it clear that she wouldn't allow her daughter to have blue streaks in her hair. Or wear a tight mini dress to a a spring dance. She and her daughter argued and disagreed with each other. Her daughter was mad at her for treating her like a little kid all of the time. She promised that she would stop it, when she acted and behaved like a mature teenager should.

She and her husband gave her daughter's best friend Sharon permission to stay over for the weekend with them. Sharon's parents had gone on a little get away to Hawaii. However, what she didn't know was that when she picked up her daughter and her friend from the mall, a chameleon stowed away in one of the grocery bags.

This was no ordinary chameleon. It was a pure evil shapeshifting chameleon. It was from a mass group of chameleons that was secretly plotting to take over the world. Once a chameleon picked a victim it had to bite them two times. Then pour some water onto them. This would transform their victim into a helpless chameleon. While the evil chameleon would masquerade as their victim. Often looking for ways to lure other human beings into getting bitten by other evil chameleons.

Her daughter had already encountered one in the pet store at the mall. Then another one stowed away and came to her house. It eventually bit her daughter twice and exposed Janice to water. This transformed Janice into a chameleon. Meanwhile an Evil Chameleon masqueraded as her daughter. It put on a real façade making she and her husband believe that their daughter turned over a new leaf of behavior.

Sharon soon saw through it. So Sharon eventually helped his daughter change back to normal. But the Evil Chameleon confused Sharon into which one was the real Janice, by spinning them around in circles. Then the Evil Chameleon tricked Sharon into believing she was the real Janice, by dumping all the other chameleons down the wheel. So Sharon was fooled into spraying her daughter with the hose. Then Janice was transformed into a chameleon and then dumped down the wheel.

Later on, the Evil Chameleon retrieved the other chameleons from the well. Soon she and her husband would become victimized too!


  • Amanda Strawn also portrayed a school nurse in "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle". As well as the role of Mrs. Jerome.
  • Amanda Strawn also co-starred with Don Jordan as parents in an episode of Student Bodies. They appeared in the episode "Grounded" As Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

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