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Mrs. Sherman is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor".


Mrs. Sherman is the wife of Mr. Sherman, and the mother of Jeff and Bobby. Her husband is a brilliant computer and software genius. Who recently created a program called: The Peabody Project. It was a computer program that worked with a satellite system in space. In which a person could set up co-ordinance to any planet across the galaxy. Then send the planet a message. Then by seeing if anyone would reply back, it would prove that intelligent life really did exist on other planets.

During the events of the story, she and her husband were out for the evening. When her older son Jeff and his best friend Perch sneaked downstairs to the computer lab. Her older son Jeff was a computer hacker. So Jeff wanted to use the satellite system to intercept a radio station and score he and Perch free concert tickets to the favorite band: World War 4.

Then when Jeff was busy making her younger son a banana split, Perch took an interest in the Peabody Project. Perch didn't really know what he was doing. But Perch inadvertently set up co-ordinance 456610237 to a random planet. Then Perch sent a random high note musical message to it. Perch immediately got a reply. Then a Yellow Light Alien instantly arrived to earth, from the contacted planet.

The Yellow Light Alien that Perch invited to Earth was just a kid. Also that it captured her dog Montana, her younger son and Perch in yellow light spider webs. Then held them in containment in tubes on a spaceship. It also kept taunting Jeff, mimicking his voice and throwing balls at him. Jeff helped them escape by opening the tubes with a high musical note sound.

Soon the Alien's mother came to Earth. She informed her sons and Perch about what happened. The Yellow Light Alien's language was a series of high and low note musical sounds. So when Perch had sent them a high note musical message, it meant in their language: "We are toys". So the Alien mother's son came to Earth to try and play with them. The Alien mother apologized for the problems and inconveniences. Then the Alien Mother took her son and returned back to their planet.

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