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Ms. Valenti is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Ms. Valenti was a former Beauty Pageant Queen. As well as the owner of a beauty store called: "Elysian Beauty Store".

However, in reality she was also a witch. The source of her power and life-force was a gold-framed hand mirror. It was called the Mystical Mirror.

Ms. Valenti stayed young and beautiful for possibly centuries. It was done through a combination of magic and murder: First, she would find a way to have her victim gaze into the Mystical Mirror. This would hypnotize and entrance the victim. In which she would force the victim to drink a special potion. The potion would transform the victim into a dog. Once she has successfully ensnared three victims, she then would have a sacrificial ritual: killing the dogs. Eating their tongues and drinking their blood. This would enable her to gain their youth and preserve her beauty. Hence, her preferred victim was usually a beautiful young girl.

She had three employees: Tannis, Vicki and Laurel. Not much was known about her relationship with Tannis. However, as seen in the beginning of the episode, Ms. Valenti eventually found a way to convince her to gaze into the Mystical Mirror. This entranced Tannis to drink the potion that turned her into a dog. She captured her and locked her up into a cage. She then lied to her staff saying she quit her job. Also that she had run away from home.

Soon she took a shine to Cindy. She showed her that she could be beautiful as well. When Cindy saw her talking to a mirror, she got freaked out and became suspicious. After Cindy saw her conjuring magic in the mirror. Also the fact that Cindy saw her true reflection in her small compact mirror. The reflection in the mirror revealed to Cindy her true elderly appearance.

Later that night she first tempted Vicki with nice new clothing. Among the clothing was a pretty pink flowered hat. Vicki then gazed into her mystical mirror to see how pretty she was. Then Vicki became entranced. She then gave her the potion and she drank it. Soon Vicki screamed at the top of her lungs. She was in pain in agonizing pain as eyes flashed white. Then Vicki was transformed into a dog.

When Cindy and Laurel came to her shop, Cindy realized that her house didn't have mirrors. When Cindy went to the bathroom she took out her compact mirror. The Cindy noticed that the black and white picture of the hooded women who resembles Ms. Valenti had aged terribly. However this could only be seen this when looking at its reflection within a mirror.

Soon the secret got out to Cindy. It was that Ms. Valenti was really a witch living for centuries. Her reflection didn't age because mirrors reveal the truth. After she placed Laurel in a trance, she got her drink the same kind of potion. Cindy burst in and she snapped Laurel out of her trance. Then the two young ladies ran into the woods. Then in no time at all Laurel started to turn into a dog. Ms. Valenti captured her and placed her into a cage next to Vicki and Tannis.

Finally she was about to perform a ritual, getting ready to sacrifice them. She announced that she had found her thee beauties. Therefore with three tongues of dog that spoke as beautifully as women did, their beauty would live on inside of her forever. Possibly she would eat their tongues or drink their blood after killing them; How it would done wasn’t explained.

Cindy interrupted the ritual and grabbed the mystical mirror. She threatened to smash her mirror if she did free them. Then change them back to normal. She attempted to put Cindy under her power. So she convinced her to look at the mirror.  She kept tempting her by telling her: "Come on there must be something you want, tell me what do you really want?". 

Cindy pretended to look at the mirror. Cindy distracted her by saying what: "I want. what I want". Then got mad at her dropping the façade. Cindy madly told her: "Is my friend back". Then Cindy furiously smashed the mystical mirror. Immediately after Cindy smashed the mystical mirror. Ms. Valenti screamed at the top of her lungs saying a long: NO!! Finally her real age rapidly caught up with her. Therefore she rapidly began aging away. First to an elderly woman. Finally she died of old age. Then she turned into a skeleton. Then she turned to dust. Then that was the end of Ms. Valenti.

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