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Nanny is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost".


Nanny was the mother of a little girl who could not speak. Her daughter was often picked and bullied by other children in the neighbor for having this disability. Years ago, during a war, her husband went off to serve in it. Then, some time later, she was informed that her husband had gotten sick. Therefore, she decided to travel overseas, to go and help take care of him. She left in a hurry, and sent her daughter to stay with either her mother, or mother-in-law.

Her daughter never made it to this grandmother's house. On her daughter's way over, she was immediately chased down, by the mean kids in the neighborhood. They began teasing and insulting her daughter again. Then they chased her daughter, all the way back home, following her, up to her bedroom.

The mean children, locked her daughter ,in her own room and left her there. It was unknown to any of the children that her daughter was going to be home alone for a long, long time. They also didn't realize that nobody else knew she was there,  or could hear her making noises, to signal for help.

The grandmother didn't even know Nanny's daughter was coming, and Nanny didn't come back home for weeks. When she finally came home, she found her daughter dead. She soon left the house and did not come back., since it was too upsetting, to live there, any longer. Though, rumor had it, her daughter's ghost drove her insane. Then, many years later, her daughter's ghost haunted her house, keeping anyone from buying it, by making the for sale sign constantly tip over.

Eventually, she took a job as a nanny, to the family living in the house, next door, to her old house. The mother of the family, Dottie, was also a real estate agent trying to sell her old house; but to no avail. Whether or not she told Dottie it was her old house is unknown. Then, for a number of years, she was a nanny, and mother surrogate, to Dottie's daughter. Beth. At one time, she and Beth were close, and sharing the same bedroom. Then, when Beth became a teenager, she no longer liked her, felt she was too old for a nanny and wanted her gone.

Then, when Dottie's niece, Amanda Cameron, came over to visit, she encountered her daughter's ghost. Amanda met her after being dared to spend the night in her daughter's old bedroom. Amanda was terrified of her daughter's ghost at first, before realizing the ghost was just lonely, and longed to see Nanny, her mother, once again.

When the story was almost over, she decided to move out and go to a retirement home. Amanda caught her, just before she could leave, and showed her, the old locket she gave to her daughter years ago, which the ghost had given to Beth. This reluctantly persuaded her to return to her old house. Although, she was devastated, and upset, the whole time, walking through the old house, she was astounded to see the ghost of her daughter. She was so upset to find our her ghost had stayed behind all of these years. Her daughter's ghost was so pleased to see her again after so many years. She and her daughter's ghost then happily agreed to enter through a portal in the daughter's bedroom mirror. This took both of them back through time, when she was young, raising her daughter again. Then she was happy once again, as was her daughter.


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