This is a good character.

Nanny appeared as a minor character in the episode "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost". She was portrayed by Sheena Larkin . 


Nanny was the mother of the mute little girl.


After sometime she was informed that her husband had gotten sick. Therefore she decided to travel overseas to go and see him. To possibly bring him back home. Her mother left in a hurry, and sent her daughter to say at grandmother's house.

She never made it her to her grandmother's house..On her way over, she was immediately chased down by the mean kids in her neighborhood. They begun teasing and insulting her again. Then they chased her all the way back to her home, following her up to her bedroom door.

The mean children locked her in her room and left her there. It was unknown to any of them that neither of her parents were going to be back home for a long long time. They also didn't realize they locked her up and nobody else knew she was there,  or could hear her calling for help.

Her grandmother didn't even know she was coming, and her mother didn't come back home for weeks. When her Mother finally came home, she found her dead. Possibly her parents eventually left the house as it was too upsetting to stay there any longer. Though rumor had it that her ghost drove her mother insane and Many years later, her daughter's ghost haunted her house, keeping anyone from buying it by making the for sale sign constantly knock over. Also her mother coincidentally took a job as a house nanny to the new family living in the house next to her old house , when the story was almost over When Nanny was brought to the old room. The Lonely Ghost was so pleased to see her after so many years. Nanny was happy to see her and agreed to enter through the mirror with her and went back through a time loop to their old time.


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