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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Natalie is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quiet Librarian".


One day Natalie and her younger sister visited the library. She walked through the isles with her younger sister who was loudly singing out the Alphabet Song. She told her sister not to wonder away too far. Then she organized some books on a cart to find the one she needed. Suddenly, a little distance away the door knob to the Quiet Reading Room began twisting and it made a knocking noise. With curiosity, she looked over at the door opening and the purple light flashed at her.

What she didn't know what that recently a young boy named Timmy Ryan moved away an old cart, making the door visible again, unintentionally releasing an evil spirit. It was the spirit of Mercy MacGregor: The head Librarian from 1895 to 1910. Her ghost was now a vengeful spirit, known as the Quiet Librarian. The spirit vowed to always help the library remain silent one way or another. The spirit had a magical containment box to capture sounds and would hold noisy people captive inside the quiet reading room.

When she saw her, she screamed in terror. Then she was instantly muted. Since she was talking out loud in the library and made noise, she was taken prisoner inside the Quiet Reading room. Inside the reading room it was like a tomb, It was filthy and there were the ghosts of captured children from over one hundred years before. She was accompanied by Timmy who was captured just before she was. Since she and him were muted, nobody could hear them cry for help.

Soon Jace Ellman and Laurie Napier broke into the library late at night, to retrieve a missing notebook. Jace and Laurie briefly checked the Quiet Reading Room thinking someone put the notebook in there. Then they came across she and Timmy inside the room. But they couldn't hear them scream for help.

Soon the Quiet Librarian was defeated when Jace and Laurie overloaded her containment box by playing too many noises from a sound effects toy. She and everyone else got their voices back. Then when a security guard when to check on the commotion he heard. The guard was shown to where the Quiet Reading room was. Then the door was unlocked and she and Timmy were freed at last.

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