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This is a character with an unknown status.

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Nathaniel is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Forever Game".


Seventy years ago, before the events of the episode, Nathaniel ran away from home. He ran away on his bicycle and rode down a hidden trail in the woods. He parked his bike and found the weird tree. This teleported him into the hidden room where "The Forever Game" was.

He met another person who had been previously imprisoned inside the tree. Then he played the game with him or her. Nathaniel lost the game and was doomed to stay trapped inside the hidden room forever. Or until another opponent showed up to lose.

Then one day in 1999, a teenager named Peter showed up with his sister Monica and their friend Mark. Peter and the other two stumbled upon the hidden trail and become lost in the woods. Peter got himself teleported into the hidden room, where Nathaniel had been patiently waiting for an opponent to show up and try and win his freedom.

Nathaniel was thrilled and ecstatic to see Peter, and talked him into playing the Forever Game with him. He explained the rules to him and that whatever effect their turns made, would have an effect on the people trapped in the woods outside. Things happened such as Potpourri floating everywhere, lightning striking. instant nighttime. Then the game unleashed a vicious Burden Beast, that began to hunt Mark and Monica for the kill. Peter got mad at him and wanted to quit the game.

He explained to Peter, that they had to keep playing. Because the winner gets to leave, and the loser has to stay inside forever. Also anyone trapped in the woods outside would be stuck forever. He explained to him. that he went through the same thing he did about stumbling into the place and when he played the game he lost, and has been stuck in there ever since.

Peter was reluctantly convinced to keep playing. Then Nathaniel got closer and closer to beating the game. When he was just 5 steps away from freedom, Monica and Mark discovered the weird tree. They figured it was the source of what was keeping them trapped in the woods, and all the strange things that were happening.

Peter spun backwards to trigger the lightning, to help the strike the tree down. Nathaniel being so close to freedom didn't care and rolled his last turn. He was just one step away from freedom, but landed on a button that made the effects from the other played turn keep happening until the other played spun again.

Finally the tree was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning and the game was struck too and destroyed. He and Peter were both free, but after seventy years old age caught up with Nathaniel and he was well into his late eighties now. He didn't mind being old, just happy that he was finally free.

Nathaniel told Peter, he decided to go back to the old neighborhood, since he had been missing since the year he ran away in 1929.

Since he aged so much, it remains unknown if he is still alive now.


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