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Nazrak is a character created by Gary. He was the main antagonist of the episode "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant".


Nazrak is a powerful, ancient demon magician who had been imprisoned for centuries in a vortex. He apparently has enough power to conquer the whole world, as Shandu stated that his freedom would mean "a return to the Dark Ages for all humanity".

Due to Todd's breaking the first cardinal rule of magic (stealing Shandu's wand) and using it without proper training, an ancient curse was triggered: with each time Todd used Shandu's wand, the seal on Nazrak's vortex prison was weakened. At first Nazrak appeared as the spirit of a beautiful woman. In this form, it used its beauty to manipulate and con Todd to keep using Shandu's wand to keep weaking its seal until he was able to break free of it and manifest in corporeal and physical form.

Nazrak forcefully compelled Shandu to take his place in the vortex prison, and later tried to imprison Todd as well. However, Todd managed to outwit him by tricking him to cast a spell at a mirror, which caused him to get caught in his own reflection (breaking the third cardinal rule of magic). As a result of this, the switch was reversed: Shandu was freed, and Nazrak was compelled to return to the vortex.


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