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This good character is a hero.

Nick is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Secret Admirer".


Nick is a nice, caring, supportive and polite person. He is an athlete and on a school's sports team called: Crusaders. One day he and his team were hanging out near the school woodshop. When a plain girl named Meggie Evans approached him. He and her made a good first impression by politely smiling to each other. She informed him that somebody wrote her a note, asking her to met with them at the woodshop. She assumed it was from him. So she informed him that she got his note and that she was now here. Then his two idiotic friends Moose and Bucky joked about it. Bucky took the note and teased her about it for having feelings for him. This made her feel humiliated. Then he nicely gave her the note back, and said that it wasn't from him.

That evening he decided to go to Meggie's house, and apologize in person for how his friend teased and humiliated her. Just as he made it to her front door, she bumped into him and screamed. He told her to calm down, Since it was just him, who stopped by to see her. He could see that she was really scared, and that she was relieved and happy to see him. Then she told him that someone was in her house. So she lead him to the bathroom. Here she claimed that someone was stalking her in the shower. When he looked into it, he found out that it was just a pair of wet Long Johns drying. Then he explained that the door blew open because the window was open, and there was a strong wind. Then he told her not to be embarrassed, for thinking that she saw a written message on the mirror. Since it is easy to freak out in the dark. He says that he once thought he saw a Scarecrow coming after him with a hammer. Then it turned out that it was just his hungry dog carrying his dish.

Finally she asked him why he came over tonight. He said it was because he wanted to apologize for how friends acted at school. She said it was all right. But being more conscientious he said that it wasn't all right. And that his friends can be real jerks at times. He then confirmed that he was not the one sending her the letters. However, it did mean that she now had a secret admirer. She was now a little excited when realizing this. Then she thanked him for everything he had done. Then he smiled and said goodnight. Then he went home.

The next day at school, inside his locker he found a letter addressed to him as: "Superstar". He read the note and it said: "If you don't stay away from Meggie, I'm going to hurt you Superstar". Now he was frightened too. So he hurried off to show Meggie the note. Meggie got so scared that she began to freak out. Since she now realized that her secret admirer might be somebody dangerous. He got her to calm down. He told her that the admirer was just a coward, who could not personally face them. Next he told that he knew who she was now. So it would take more than a threatening note to keep him away from her. Meggie now felt happy and smiled. Realizing he was sincere, she kissed him on the cheek and they both smile.

Then Moose and Bucky stopped by and joked around. They said that he won the bet. And they never thought he could get Meggie to kiss him. Hearing this, Meggie now thought that he had been playing her. Just to get a kiss and win a bet. He claimed that he wasn't playing her, and they were just goofing around. She didn't believe him. Then she left in a huff feeling mad and offended. Bucky asked him to drop the act already. Then he revealed to his friend that he wasn't messing around. But he really was developing feelings for Meggie. Soon he knocked at her front door and tried to convince her that he wasn't involved with his friends bet of trying to get girls to kiss them.

Meggie was still upset and didn't believe him. So she asked him to leave. Then he told her that another note had come for her. So she opened the door to get it. This note asked her to meet her secret admirer tonight in the wood shop where he would be waiting. Feeling fed up, he decided to go in place for her and ask the guy to leave her alone. She replied saying that she just wanted him to leave her alone. Feeling disappointed about her not believing him, he told her that he really did like her. So he wanted to prove it by standing up for her. So he would do it by telling the guy to leave her alone. As he prepared to leave, he said that he was going to meet the guy. Then tell him to leave her alone. Then prove to her that he is telling the truth. Hearing this, she got worried and asked him not to. But, it was too late now and he already left.

As he arrived at the wood shop, he got cornered by all sorts of machines and tools. They were going haywire and running by themselves. He dodged them and called out for Meggie to be left alone. A burnt carved wooden heart appeared. Then the secret admirer appeared. However it was no ordinary man. It was actually a vengeful ghost of Meggie's mother jilted lover. It turned out they when Meggie's parent were in high school, there was a teenager named Teddy Mars. Teddy Mars was a delinquent, a tough intimidating bully, a petty thief a vandal and pretty much anything else rotten. He developed a crush on Meggie's mom and he began writing her notes. Meggie's mom didn't like Teddy but she didn't tell him and he couldn't take a hint.

Then one night Teddy asked Meggie's mom to meet him in the school wood shop. But her dad went instead, Teddy was in the finishing room. Here he was making a carved wooden heart, for her Meggie's mom spraying it with lacquer. Meggie's dad told Teddy that she wasn't interested in him. Addressing him as Superstar, Teddy replied by saying that he didn't believe him and wanted to hear it from her. Then they began to argue and Teddy began to aggressively push Mr. Evans. Mr. Evans didn't want to fight him because he was a violent guy.

Then finally to defend himself Mr. Evans pushed him back. Teddy tripped and hit his head on the drying lamp. Since lacquer is flammable the wood shop caught fire. Then in one spark it exploded. Teddy died in the explosion, while Mr. Evans just injured his arm. 

The reason why Teddy had been stalking Meggie, was because recently her mom passed down her old backpack. Inside of it she found an old note from Teddy Mars. This awoke Teddy's spirit and his ghost started thinking Meggie was her mom and that he was her dad.

Teddy approached him telling him that it was payback time, and that this time Meggie would be his. Then he was lured into the drying room. Where he began choking on the gas and all the drying lights were turned on nearly suffocating him.

Teddy picked up a crowbar and prepared to pound him. Also Teddy was willing to light one spark and blow them both up if he could not have Meggie. Meggie arrived just in time to help him. Teddy was happy to see her and told them to wait and to give him his long awaited answer. Teddy asked her to answer him truthfully. Posing as her mother, Meggie told Teddy straight forward that she didn't feel the same way about him at all. Getting his long awaited answer, Teddy was infuriated. So in a fit of rage Teddy smashed the light. Then the room engulfed in a huge explosion. Then he was thrown back with an injury to his arm.

He asked her who he was. She explained that he was just a sad person who finally learned the truth and couldn't take it. She explained that the truth is something you have to listen to, even if you don't like what you hear. She then asked him if he had been truthful to her all this time. He assured her that he had. Meggie then smiled saying that now his only problem was that his friends are jerks, but she can deal with it. Then he and Meggie happily walked off arm in arm.

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