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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Nicki is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse".


Nicki is the older sister of A.J. She and her sister are close. However she tends to be bit a bit short-tempered with her sister at times. One winter, their parents went away for a personal trip. Therefore she and her sister were going to be staying with their grandpa for a month. She and her sister thought it was going to be wonderful. Because for a month they could do whatever they wanted. Since their grandpa was a soft touch.

Shortly after arriving, her sister was shoveling the snow. Then she started a snowball fight. They were having a great time. When suddenly out of nowhere a woman and her child appeared. They were heading into the house carrying birthday presents. She ducked just as A.J. tried to pelt her with a fastball. It missed her and hit the woman. What she and her sister didn't know was that the woman and her child had suddenly disappeared.

Then she and her sister ran inside the house. They asked their grandpa where the woman was. So A.J. could apologize to her. Their Grandpa had no idea what they were talking about. So she and her sister explained that they saw a woman and her child coming inside. When their Grandpa realized they meant with birthday presents. He denied it. Then he strongly said that nobody else had been invited into the house.

That night, she came downstairs hearing commotion and her sister screaming. She asked her sister what her problem was. Her sister explained that she saw a birthday cake appear out of nowhere. Then in the reflection of the mirror a big group people yelled out to her: Surprise! But she did not believe her. She just thought that she had a bad dream.

The next day, she heard her sister scream again. She and their Grandpa asked A.J. what the problem was. A.J. explained that she saw the ghost of a little girl carrying a big pile of presents, fall down the stairs. Then the ghost suddenly vanished. She didn't believe her. Then their Grandpa said that A.J. must have seen: "The birthday girl".

Up in the attic, their Grandpa explained to them that 40 years ago a girl just about A.J.'s age fell down the stairs during her birthday party. She injured her leg and had to stay in bed. The girl's mother hired a night nurse to look after her. However, they say that the Night Nurse was a little crazy. One night when the girl was sleeping, she filled a hypodermic needle with poison. Then gave it to her and she never woke up. The Night Nurse claimed that she was innocent. Until the day she died in prison.

She asked him how he had found out about everything. Their Grandpa explained that when he moved into his house, The girls family had forgotten an old trunk. Which contained old newspapers and family memorabilia. Even the girl's old birthday dress. From reading the article, they learned that the girls name was Emily. She then figured that her ghost haunted the house. Because of unfinished business. Her sister figured that Emily wanted their help. So she was trying to tell them something. Her Grandpa then advised she and her sister to not to mess around with ghosts. But to just let them rest in peace.

She and her sister soon let curiosity get the best of them. So they decided to contact Emily's ghost. So they bought a chocolate cake and lit the candles. She and her sister called out to her telling her happy birthday. Then they invited her over to come and have some cake. When that didn't work, they realized they could at least enjoy the cake themselves. Then she blew out the candles, making a wish for the ghost to appear. However she and her sister got more than they bargained for! Tampering with birthday magic, caused the ghost of the murderous Night Nurse to appear! The Nurse was armed with her needle, She told them that it was time to give them a shot! They both ran off screaming, feeling terrified.

When telling their grandpa he was furious. He then regretted telling them the story. Since he knew that it would scare them. Their Grandpa didn't believe that the ghost of The Night Nurse had appeared. Because all the years he had lived in the house, the only ghost he had ever seen was Emily's. Apparently she was harmless. Once again he asked she and her sister to stop fooling around with ghosts. She then ran up to the attic. To search for clues in the trunk to see if they could help Emily. A.J. soon joined her. When suddenly her sister suddenly disappeared. Than reappeared a few minutes later. A.J. explained to her that when she tried on Emily's birthday dress, she was transported to the past. Also everyone in the past thought that A.J. was Emily.

When hearing this she didn't believe her. She scoffed at her asking her if the Nurse was there as well. When opening the door to head back down, The Nurse was there. She told them that she had been waiting for them! She locked the door, realizing they were doomed. Her sister then suggested that she would go back in time as Emily, and not fall down the stairs. By not falling down the stairs, Emily will never get injured. Therefore Emily will not meet the cruel fate of the Night Nurse's poisonous needle. Therefore they will no longer be victims of the Night Nurses' ghost who is now after them.

She was worried that her sister might mess it up. So she wanted to be the one to do it. However the dress would not fit her. Therefore she reluctantly allowed her sister to do it. Just before her sister put on the dress, the Nurse said to open the door because she was losing her patience. She replied back by saying that she was about to lose both patients. Finally her sister puts on the dress and traveled to the past again. However after her sister went, The Nurse had found a key. So she let herself into the attic!

Inside the attic, The Nurse tauntingly told her that she knew that she was hiding somewhere and she would find her. The Nurse soon found her terrified hiding in a chest. She kept on huddling in the chest feeling terrified. As The Nurse was about to give her the poisonous shot. She said that it will only hurt a bit. Then the Night Nurse had sensed that Emily needed a nurse. Since her sister in the past managed to fall down the stairs anyways. So the Night Nurse said that she was needed somewhere else. So she would deal with her later. The Nurse suddenly vanished, leaving her screaming. She closed the trunk and resumed hiding.

Soon the Night Nurse disappeared. Then her sister returned back to the present. Her sister explained to her that The Night Nurse only made a mistake. Years ago Emily was allergic to penicillin. She wore a medical alert bracelet. However it fell off her wrist, before she fell down the stairs. Which was why the Nurse did not know that was she allergic to it. Therefore the Nurse really wasn't crazy. The Nurse didn't mean to kill Emily. The whole thing was a misunderstanding. Her sister stumbled upon this discovery when the nurse revealed that all she wanted to do, was give Emily a shot of penicillin to ensure a quick recovery. Her sister helped the Night Nurse prevent the fatal mistake from ever happening.

Looking through the trunk, they discovered that Emily's history was altered. Emily didn't die. She graduated from high school in 1965, and went on living. She then applauded her sister for not screwing things up.


  • Kerry Duff and Shadia Simmons also appeared together as sisters in another program. They appeared as sisters Margo and Alicia in the Goosebumps episode: "The Night of the Living Dummy II".
  • Kerry Duff is the younger sister of Shannon Duff, who portrayed Laurie Napier.

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