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The Night Nurse, appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse", she was portrayed Danette Mackay.


The Night Nurse, was a nurse who treated sick and injured children. In 1960, she was hired by a woman named Mrs. Jerome. Her job was to care and treat her

"Time for your needle!"

daughter Emily. The girl Emily had recently fallen down the stairs and injured her leg on the day of her birthday.

Originally, one night when Emily was asleep she gave her a hypodermic needle of penicillin. This was to help her make a full recovery. What she didn't know at the time, was that Emily was highly allergic to Penicillin. So she never woke up and died in sleep from an allergic reaction.

She was believed to be insane and crazy. Also that she purposely gave Emily a hypodermic needle of poison and meant to kill her. She was sentenced to life in prison. until the day she died in prison, she claimed that she was innocent but, nobody believed her.

Also, just after Emily died the time events of the entire day of her birthday in her house and property were trapped in a time loop. For the next forty years, off and on events and people from the day of Emily's birthday, would appear and then instantly vanish.

Then one afternoon in 2000, sisters A.J. and Nicki whose grandpa owned the house now heard the entire story. They tried to contact Emily's ghost with a birthday cake. However. when blowing out the candles, they wished for Emily's ghost to appear. When tampering with birthday magic they made a mistake. Instead the ghost of 1960 self begun to appear.

She appeared armed with her hypodermic needle. Then she was ready to close in them give them both a shot. Whether she was just thinking she was doing her job, or to give them medicine, or if her ghost really went evil is unknown.

A.j. and Nicki were terrified of her. They screamed their heads off thinking she was now trying to kill them. She slowly closed in on them searching for clues in the old attic on how to help Emily.

Also, whenever A.J. put on Emily's old birthday dress she and along with everyone from 1960 thought she was Emily Jerome. She was just about to close in on Nicki. Then give her a shot when she sensed she was needed back in the past and traveled back to 1960.

She found A.J. (as Emily) resting in her room. At first she tried to be nice and patient with her. Then give her a shot to make her feel better. A.J (as Emily) eventually found out that she just wanted to give her a penicillin shot. A.J. soon discovered that Emily dropped her medical alert bracelet all those years back. So she tried to convince her she was allergic to it.

Having heard excuses like those many times before, from other people who hated needles she didn't believe her at first. Finally she was shown the medical alert bracelet. Then she got very upset and emotional. It was almost like she was going to cry. She told her to never take it off again. Because if she did, then another doctor or nurse wouldn't know she was allergic to penicillin. Just like she almost didn't know.

She helped A.J. out of the dress. Then she promised to give her no more penicillin shots. Then soon as A.J. went back to her present time, history was altered. Thereforem she never made the mistake of giving Emily Jerome a penicillin shot. So she was never wrongfully convicted.


Danette Mackay also portrayed The Keeper

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