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This is a good character.

Nikki is a minor character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Jagged Sign".


Nikki and her older sister Kate live in a small rural country area. There aren't too many other people around. The area she lives in is mostly known for having a retirement home called: "Scenic Vista", where her older sister sometimes volunteers to help with the residents. She is an athlete who enjoys playing sports.

She may or may not have been aware of the local legend of the jagged sign on the top of the cliff in the woods. According to the people living in the country, someone was murdered there years ago. Then the sign just appeared the next day. The jagged sign was defined as: A sign and mark of the dead man. If one was to stare at it for too long they would awaken the ghost and it would possess them. Then lure them up and have them fall to their doom. However, since she is a young kid, her sister may not have told her. In order to not scare her.

During the events of the story, a personal support worker named: Yvonne informed her sister, that her niece Claudia would be coming to visit for a couple of weeks. She overheard and was eager to hang out with Claudia as well. The next day she followed her sister to Yvonne's house. When Claudia answered the door, she was happy to see her. She brought her baseball bat, ball and glove with her. She eagerly asked her if she wanted to play with her. Seeing she was so young, Claudia disappointedly told her that she hoped that she was not Kate.

Then her older sister came forward and revealed that she was Kate, which pleased Claudia to have someone around her age to associate with. She was disappointed and upset to see that Claudia wasn't interested in her. So left her sister to hang out with Claudia and went home. Afterwards she wasn't seen, nor mentioned again.

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