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Nosferatu is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness".


Pete Matt and Katie Halloran worked at a vintage old movie theater called The Rialto. Since the theater was so old fashioned and out of date and due to very poor business the owners were deciding to close it down. Then Dr. Vink showed up and gave his word that by having the theater show one of his movies that he could help save the old theater and keep it open. He presents them with a silent black and white movie that he created called "Nosferatu the Demon Vampire". Dr. Vink said what made his movie exciting is that the vampire wins. 

Dr. Vink promised that his film would have brought a lot of audience and would have saved the business. In exchange, all he asked was that if showing his film proves to being successful, he would get one night a week to show his other films. Pete and Katie's boss, Mr. Kristoff agreed, but as soon as Dr. Vink left, he though he was a nutbag and decided against showing the movie.

One night, when playing an old classic movie, Dr. Vink's film canister opened by itself and emitted an evil red glow. This causes the nearby projector to overload and smoke and short out. So in desperate attempt to keep the nights business, they took a chance and showed Vink's movie so no one would want a refund.

The silent film was about an evil menacing vampire being hunted by a vampire hunter named Harker. Harker was just about to pull Nosferatu's coffin in the sunlight when Nosferatu showed up and bit him. The audience loved it claiming it would give them nightmares for weeks. The movie became the success of the theater and business went so well that the theater stayed open.

Dr. Vink soon came back to get his end of the bargain, but Mr. Kristoff no longer decided to fulfill his promise because he got greedy and old wanted to have the top movies play and not the boring old classic movies. Dr. Vink was mad threatening them by saying  that this was not over, it's just the beginning. The theater continued to do well, while Pete began to study the movie in an effort to figure out why it was so popular. Instead he fell asleep and thought he dreamt that Nosferatu came out of the screen.

Later, Mr. Kristoff is heard screaming from his office. Pete and Katie found him unconscious, with a bite mark on his neck. It's revealed that Nosferatu himself came out of the movie to get them, possibly as cruel revenge orchestrated by Dr. Vink. After they ran away from him, Pete decides to step into the film and drag the coffin and burn it in the sunlight like Harker tried to do.

Katie started showing the last part of the movie. Nosferatu was just about to close in on Katie, but when his movie begun to play he was compelled to return to his movie and then went after Pete. In the movie, the vampire was too fast for him and he didn't have time to drag the coffin into the sunlight. Pete opens the dark curtain on the window and the sunlight comes in. The vampire begins screaming and smoking, burning into nothing but ash.


  • Chris Heyerdahl also portrayed Leonid.
  • Dr. Vink's movie was based on the 1922 silent movie "Nosferatu", but was not the actual film, in the real movie the vampire was named Count Orlok and in the movie the vampire didn't win.
  • The name Nosferatu, is an anagram of the words "FEAR US NOT".
  • A Nosferatu: The Demon Vampire poster hangs in Luke's bedroom in "The Tale of the Haunted Woods".

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