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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Nurse Hantin is a minor character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Shift".


Nurse Hantin is a head nurse who works at United Hospital. She is gruff, serious and a little intimidating. She works the night shift. She assigns duties, oversees other nurses and volunteers, and she has individuals reports incidents or accidents to her.

During the events of the story, teenage custodian Felix mistakenly signed for a crate in receiving. Felix was falsely informed that it contained a water pump. It turned out that the crate contained a vampire. Soon the vampire broke out the crate and clandestinely lurked around the hospital, shapeshifting into one different person to another. the vampire soon took on the form of a red haired teenage girl named Margot. She was under the impression that Margot was a new volunteer. So she had volunteer nurse Amanda show her around.

She had no idea, until it was too late that this innocent sweet girl was actually an evil shapeshifting vampire. She eventually encountered the vampire. Then he bit her and drank her blood. Then she was under a trance becoming a mindless wandering zombie.

At first everything about her still seemed to be normal. Amanda brought it to her attention that someone or something, got into the blood storage packets. Also that a whole bunch were left on the floor in a storage room, like a wild animal broke into them. Amanda requested she report it to security. She said that she would, but she never did. In order to not raise suspicions of the vampire.

Soon, Nurse Laurette was also bitten and victimized, along with Hospital Administrator Jack Benton. Then gradually the entire hospital who been preyed upon and victimized by the vampire. Amanda and her friend Colin began to realize what was going on. So Amanda attempted to pull the fire alarm to cause a mass distraction. But she prevented her from pulling it.

Eventually there was only three people left in the hospital capable of defeating the vampire. Amanda and Colin had out maneuvered the vampire and they both managed to not get bitten. However Felix, had gotten bitten. But he was able to fight off the vampiric urges. So Amanda distracted the vampire luring him away. Then Colin and Felix placed the vampire's coffin into the basement incinerator. When the coffin burned, the vampire instantaneously went up in flames and burned to death.

Afterwards, she and everyone else were all healed and changed back to normal with no memory of what had happened. Then she asked Amanda what had happened to the new girl Margot. Then she jokingly asked her if she already scared her away. Then Amanda confirmed that she already did scare her away, as a cover up to what really happened.


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