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These Characters were Villains,
and they are now Reformed.

The Old Hags are characters created by Sam. They appeared as the secondary villains in the episode "The Tale of Watcher's Woods".


Back in 1919 they were just innocent children and trailmaker guides from Camp Grindlestone. One day they went off on a hike, and they disappeared without a trace and were never seen again. The only thing that was every found from them was their, trailmaker whistles. Eventually people believed that the three of them, got lost in the woods, and got trapped inside Watcher's Woods (an evil enchanted forest that randomly travels from forest to forest to capture lost and missing people). Soon after, they disappeared a wall shrine and memorial plaque was made from them at Camp Grindlestone with a warning to never enter Watcher's Woods!

When they got themselves lost and trapped in Watcher's Woods, The Watcher kept them prisoner in his woods, but promised he would set their souls free when someone or something returned their whistles to them. Since it seemed obvious they would never get them because since no one knew where to search for them or dared to enter Watcher's Woods they became trapped for what seemed to be eternity.

They either used their resourcefulness and trailmaker guide skills to lives as campers until they died of old age, or they immediately aged rapidly and died. Soon it seemed they went insane and as a pastime or even a gift from The Watcher, they studied witchcraft and became witches.

Then 75 years later, in 1994 Watcher's Woods returned to the forest near Camp Grindlestone. Two new girls named Kelly and Sarah got lost inside of it. Kelly camp across their campsite, and they accused Kelly of stealing their whistles. They either did this because they wanted a scapegoat to blame, or they weren't aware of how much time really had gone by and just suspected it could have been her.

They tied Kelly between two trees, and painted a yellow x on her jacket with enchanted paint. They threatened to shoot her with an arrow if she didn't tell them where their whistles were. Kelly didn't know and they shot her with an arrow. However it just went right through her not harming her. This was all a ruse to scare her into telling them the truthful answers they wanted to possibly learn.

Kelly promised to go back to the camp and get their whistles back, but they could tell she was unkind, untrustworthy and dishonest and locked her away in a cage and placed a bucket of white mice nearby to scare her.

Soon, Sarah camp across their campsite. Then Sarah and she offered to go and retrieve their whistles in exchange for freeing Kelly. They decided to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt, but only until Sunset. Because if she didn't return by then, they would execute Kelly and cook her to work on their cooking medals.

Sarah took a very long returning with their whistles, and when she came back with them she tripped and one fell into the bucket of mice. They were furious because they only got two of their whistles back. Therefore they strapped Sarah to a stand and prepared to execute her by guillotine!

Just as they were about to go through with the brutal and gory execution. Kelly tried to convince them that the third whistle was in the bucket of mice but they didn't believe her. Finally Kelly quickly faced her fear and retrieved the whistle from the bucket and through it back to them.

They were shocked that they finally all had their whistles back. Then they blew them three times, suddenly they glowed and vanished. Then afterwards everything from their camp was gone and nothing but three trailmakers signs were found meaning "I've gone home".

The Watcher, truthfully kept his promise and finally set their souls free. They were picked up by a driver in 1910's vehicle. Then driving along their way, they passed by Kelly and Sarah heading back to the camp. The three of them all smiled and waved to them as if to say thank you. They were either going back to their own time or are crossing over into the afterlife.



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