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This a misunderstood character
and a character of unknown status.

Old Man Corcoran is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran".


Old Man Corcoran, was a gravedigger and groundskeeper who worked in a local graveyard for many years. He dug each grave by hand using a shovel never any machinery. Rumor had it that he was a ghost and an evil villain, but that was never proven to be sure.

At a time, he dug the graves and buried the young children Marshall McClain, Ron Jacobson, Scott Wolden, Laura Ayers, Mary Alice Reardon and Cissy Vernon.

For unknown reasons, the ghosts of these six children enjoyed playing Hide and seek around the graveyard. They were trying to meet and take other children down with them, possibly for revenge against him for burying them, or because they were just plain evil.

Jack & Kenny Harris, who had recently moved to the neighborhood in 1993, met Marshall McClain and the other five ghosts kids. They told them that Old Man Corcoran was an evil ghost who once caught a child for stealing something from him and chopped the child's hand off.

Also, they lied to Jack & Kenny, saying that one day he was digging a grave, and he dug it so deep that it caved in on him and he died, being buried alive. Whether or not he is alive or dead is unknown.

Jack & Kenny saw him one night and ran home terrified. Marshall and his friends all laughed at them and didn't believe them. So, they set out to prove that he was real by stealing his harmonica as proof. When Jack stole his harmonica, he chased them all around the graveyard, but lost them for a little while.

Eventually, he found Jack and Kenny just as they were almost convinced to hide with Marshall inside an open grave. Luckily he showed up just in time to save them both from being buried alive.


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