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This misunderstood character is also a ghost.

One-Eyed Jack is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Prisoners Past".


At an unknown time Jack Briggs AKA One-Eyed Jack robbed a federal bank. his motives for doing this is unknown, possibly needing money during the great depression. Jack had one child a daughter named Elma whom he loved dearly. He was sent to a prison and in no time at all planned his escape. He chipped through the bricks on the wall behind the toilet in his cell and it led into a ventilation shaft.

Jack was very careful and sneaky and covered up all his tracks. The night he escaped he crawled halfway through the ventilation shaft and got stuck. Since nobody knew he was there and where he was, no one could hear him crying for help. Then soon he suffocated and died. The prison officials believed he had escaped and became known as the only prisoner to have ever escaped from that maximum security prison. His emotionally upset daughter was denied access to the prison records and for many years people harassed and teased her about being the daughter of a one-eyed prisoner.

His ghost haunted his cell and since the cell was still locked he still couldn't leave. One day in 1995 after the prison had become a historic museum two step brothers Jason and Scott chased each other down to his cell house. He informed them who he was, and they all thought he was an actor putting on a show for part of the tour.

He asked them to open his cell, and thinking it was part of the show they did. He rejoiced in having freedom at long last and he could finally leave his cell. He begun to stalk and harass Jason and Scott and they were terrified of him. He wanted them to go into his cell. Eventually they did and found his escape tunnel in the ventilation shaft behind the toilet.

There they crawled to the middle where they found his stuck rotten skeleton and the weight of the two boys and his skeleton caused the shaft to collapse and they all fell to the floor. He appeared to them again and informed them that he meant no harm at all. Because all he wanted was for someone to recover his missing body and inform his daughter about what happened to him. As proof that they found him, he tells them to take the old sepia tone picture out of his pocket of him and Elma as a little girl and to go speak to her.

His daughter was more than grateful to find out the truth and discover that he always loved her and didn't leave town and abandon the family when he escaped. Possibly now Jack would finally have a proper burial and funeral service too.


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