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"Do you believe in magic? Is magic only an illusion created by a stage magician? Well, there's an old saying: seeing is believing."

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story...

The Tale of Orpheo's Curse.

Terry believed in magic, but her older brother Alex didn't. She loved visiting her great uncle Josh, because he lived right across the street from Orpheo's Palace, one of the last great vaudeville theaters.

Eyes in the back of your head to get out.

Edgar Allan Poe

Beware the stroke of midnight
Beware Orpheo's Curse

Sherlock Holmes

Magnifying glass shows a green key opening a green box and inside are a pair of eyes.

Merlin's book

Eyes are the key, so use them to find your way. An eye's color does not matter... even if one is blue... and one is green.

The Magic Flute

Alex is on this level... It will take a Midas touch to find him.

Where is Alex? Where's your brother?
Find him quick -- you've got no other!
If I were you I'd search this floor
For the Magic Workshop "Golden Door".

"We can open Wardrobe Five"

Harry Houdini

Here lies Orpheo the Great

Search for your sister behind the door marked "O"

Crystal ball shows magic hat behind the stone slab in the mausoleum.

So you're caught up in a mystery
The scary tale of Orpheo and his curse
'Tis honest you must be very clever
In the spell you're obligated to disperse

Look for moving eyes in an image of the man
The man with the top hat with the silver band
Stand up very tall and touch the creepy eyeballs
And point them looking up with your hand
Touch those awful peepers with your hand
Turn those icky eyeballs with your hand

Once that is done, you will find a secret place
Then look for the crystal with a serpent's face
If you're brave enough, then you will solve the mystery
The scariest part about it is the truth
You will find the horrid, awful truth
The odious, abominable... truth

Four Six Ten

"Solve this puzzle to escape!
You might succeed if you're in shape!
Think hard before you choose, my friend,
Or your adventure's at its end!"

To deactivate the question mark and bring back the volunteer, push the two boxes together to make them one!