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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Pam is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


Pam is a country girl. Her family has owned a farm for many generations. Her mother Beth was a real hoarder who never threw anything away. So the attic was full of all clothing and costumes from late relative and ancestors. During the events of the story, her cousin Amy Pease who lived in the city came down to the farm to visit for the summer. Amy's dad is her mom's twin brother. Soon she and Amy discovered an old trunk. It belonged to their late Aunt Dora. She and Amy figured it had their Aunts clothing in it. She also found an old photograph of her late Aunt with her horse Mirage. Due to heredity, she looked very much like her.

She could see that her cousin was bored and not used to the plain and simple country life. So she tried to encourage her cousin to play dress up and board games with her. Also she disclosed a secret to Amy: In her spare time she liked to ride horses. Which her mom forbids her from doing and taking riding lessons. Her mom believed that horses were too dangerous. Since thirty years before, her mom's older sister and she and her cousins late Aunt Dora died in an accident falling off of her horse. Her mom pulls up just as she is about to attempt riding a horse. Her mom honked the horn to stop her. It startled the horse she was about to climb onto and she fell on the ground. Her mom reminded her how dangerous they were and to stay away from them. She tried again to persuade her mom to let her take lessons, so she can learn how to do it safely, but her mom still said no.

The next day she and her cousin played with a Ouija board. Suddenly her hand was stuck to the planchette. Then against her will it moved to the letters: L,E,T,M,E,O,U,T. Then to the numbers: 1,4,9. She and her cousin figured that the message was from their Aunt's ghost, and the numbers were the combination to trunk.

She had misgivings about opening the trunk. Since she knew her mom was haunted by her Aunt's ghost and she believed in letting the dead be left alone. However her cousin still opened it. When the trunk was opened, she found out that it still had her late Aunt old riding clothing inside. When she put on the red riding jacket, she was soon possessed by the spirit of her late Aunt Dora.

While being possessed, she and Amy went back in time to the 1960s. There she helped her Aunt finally do what she was supposed to do before the day she died: feed the hounds. After they were finally feed, she had helped her Aunt finally resolve her unfinished business. So her Aunt's spirit was no longer tormented by the barking of the hungry hounds. Also her mom was no longer haunted by the spirit of her own sister. So her mom finally allowed her to take horseback riding lessons.

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