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This is a character with an unknown status.

Patrick is a minor character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


Not much was known about Patrick. But it was assumed that he was a gamer, who frequented "Click's Emporium". Click's Emporium was a popular after school hangout for children and teenagers. Here they could play recreational games, video games and buy snacks and soda.

Eventually his game playing talent was noticed by the emporium owner Mr. Click. Therefore Mr. Click gave him a personal and private challenge in his office. The challenge was to play a throwing dice game called: Zombie Dice. The objective of the game was to throw two dice at a time three times in a row. These dice both had a red skull on one side of them. If a player had a skull show up even one time they would lose the game.

To encourage him to play, Mr. Click likely gave him the prize of having a free run of the emporium for year if he won. But if he lost he would have to give Mr. Click his thumbprint.

It was clear to see that when he took on his challenge he lost the game. Therefore Mr. Click instructed him to enter the backroom. In this backroom was a pedestal. Here he was instructed to use this machine to give Mr. Click his thumbprint. He then came across Mr. Click big brute henchman Klimbo; how made sure that he did this.

He had no idea just what was in store for him. The moment he placed his thumb on the screen of the pedestal; it got stuck. He panicked when he saw that Klimbo presented to him a small cage like box. He immediately realized that he was going to be shrunk down to a miniature size and locked into the box.

It turned that Mr. Click had a very evil ulterior motive. When winning someone's thumbprint, you would own them. So Mr. Click would use the pedestal machine to shrink down the losers of the Zombie Dice games. Then privately sell them to buyers around the world as very unique pets. However some of the victims did not always survive the shipping trip.

It was unclear as to where in the world he would be going to, and whether or not he survived the shipping trip.

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