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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Perch is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor".


Perch had long hair and dressed a little punk. Both he and his best friend Jeff Sherman wanted to start their own rock band. Late one evening after rehearsing, Jeff's parent's still weren't home yet. So he followed Jeff downstairs, to sneak into his Dad's computer lab. Mr. Sherman was a computer genius. One who worked with the satellite system in the sky. Mr. Sherman tried to communicate through every satellite in the world and possibly Outer Space.

He was really impressed with all the equipment. What really piqued his interest was the Peabody Project was. It was Mr. Sherman's top secret project on deep space communication. The project was to attempt to contact other planets. In order to see if there is any signs of life on them, by seeing if they'll answer back. Jeff went to check on his younger brother Bobby and told him not to touch anything.

While Jeff was checking on his brother, his curiosity got the best of him. So he opened the Peabody project program. He typed in a random co-ordinance 456610237 to a random planet. Then thinking it was all a game he sent a high note musical message. Then it was instantly sent through satellites into Outer Space. He immediately got a reply saying that the message was received; much to his disbelief. He tried to shut the computers down. Then suddenly the computers all began blaring off with a siren alarm. It said that there was an incoming message. He didn't believe it. So he shut the computers down. Then suddenly they all came back on. Then a full blast message came. It was in the form of a low note musical message.

Hearing this, Jeff hurried downstairs to check on him. Jeff was mad to see that he used the program when he told him not to. Now he was worried and shocked. So he informed Jeff that he actually made a call to another planet. Then he got an answer back. So now he was worried that they'll come to Earth. Jeff was more worried about shutting the computers down before his parents got home. Which they luckily managed to do.

The next day he and Jeff debated over what kind of songs to write about. But based on both of their boring and dull life experiences, they continued to struggled finding a topic to write a song about. When they arrived at Jeff's house, they meet with his Mrs. Sherman. She was on her way out. She quickly told them that their dog Montana was missing and to look for him.

Later that night, Jeff, Perch and Bobby all went to look for the dog. Jeff told Bobby to stay right by home playing tee-ball. In case he came back home. Then he won't go missing again. They searched for the dog deeper into the woods. Then in a deeper part of the woods, they found Montana's chew toy. Now they suspected he might be close by. They walked a little further, until they heard strange noises.

He and Jeff turned around to run off and noticed a light spider web. He and Jeff were freaked out by it. Then they heard a sound and looked to the side. A metal sliding space ship door appeared. It played a low note musical message. He immediately recognized it. It was the loud low note reply message, that he was given the night before. When Jeff opened the door, a bright flashing yellow light glowed out of it. It shined brightly in their faces. Then Jeff threw in the football. Then something unknown from inside threw it back out to Jeff.

He and Jeff ran of scared, and realized that Mr. Sherman was home. Panicked, He and Jeff ran down to the computer lab. They tried to tell Mr. Sherman that they contacted an Alien. However no one was there. Instead all of the computers on the work lab were left on. Apparently Mr. Sherman would never leave them on. Unless he ran off to mention a discovery. Or a big breakthrough. They looked at the main computer, and found out that he sent a message clear across the galaxy. So now the planet that was contacted had replied back with five messages. He and Jeff then realized that the alien has come to Earth.

While Jeff tried to phone his dad, he looked for Bobby around the living room and the kitchen. When he calls out to him, something almost perfectly mimicked what he said. Then he starting looking for Bobby outside. Then he walked backwards right into a light spider web. Then he got captured in a blinding flash. Jeff ran off terrified looking for him. Jeff tried to tell him that another one was coming, and possibly an invasion. He soon discovered that the alien communicated in every way with music and sounds. Then he, Bobby and Montana were placed into air tight unbreakable tubes.

When Jeff entered the spaceship, he found him and the other two trapped in air tight unbreakable tubes. Losing air, he weakly told him that the alien communicated in every way with music and sound. So a high note might open the tubes. Jeff ran back to his house to get a tape recorder. Jeff used it to record a high note musical sound.

When Jeff returned to the inside of the spaceship, he played the high musical note. This released them all from the tubes. Then they all ran out of the ship and they were cornered by Light webs. They were all around them as the low note musical message was heard once again. Then the alien closed in on them. Then in a huge flashing light it vanished.

Then suddenly Bobby pointed out two Light Aliens. He and the others just stared in shock and horror. The taller one eventually figured that they spoke English. It turned out the taller one is the shorter alien's mother. She just came to Earth to take her son home. She explained that her son came to earth when he heard the high note musical message that he had sent.

The message that he sent the Light Alien boy just happened to mean in their language: "We are toys". So he came to play with them. Also the low note message the Alien Child kept making means in there language: "I have come to play". He defensively tells her that they're are not toys they're people! The mother apologized nicely. She tells them not to think poorly of her son, he just wanted to play with them. Then she left with her son and they vanished. Afterwards, they were shocked and scared; but safe and sound.

He and Jeff never got in trouble because Jeff's Dad was so grateful and happy that the Peabody Project actually worked. As for their songwriting, based on their incredible and recent experience together, they finally had something interesting to write a song about. So they wrote their first song. Then using the Peabody program, they sent it playing full blast into Outer Space. The song plays to any Aliens in Outer Space who were listening, a repeating chorus that went "WE ARE NOT TOYS!, WE ARE NOT TOYS! WE ARE NOT TOYS!".

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