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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Pete is a minor character created by Megan. He in the episode "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts".


Pete is a nice and friendly person. He is also an athlete who plays for his high school football team. He is friends with the quarterback Jake. He is supportive with Jake being in a relationship with Julie. He feels that since Jake isn't so bright, that Jake just should accept whichever girl Jake can find.

Until one day much too his surprise, a new girl approached Jake out of the blue. The new girl was named: Ellen and she was simply gorgeous. He was stunned and amazed that she took such an immediate interest in his friend. He attempted to introduce himself, but she didn't give him the time of day.

However he would not find out until it was too late, that Ellen had a sinister ulterior motive for his friend. Ellen was actually a parasitic locust typed alien. One that traveled from planet to planet eating and destroying everything in its path. She had shape shifting powers, which enabled her to appear in the form of a beautiful blonde teenage girl.

The reason why Ellen was after his friend, was because Ellen and her partner had set their sights on invading and eradicating the earth. However Ellen's partner crashed his ship over the ocean and died. Then afterwards Jake had found Ellen's partner's device/ring on the beach. Ellen needed to use both the device ring and her own device necklace. She needed them to amplify the light from the upcoming full moon. Which would direct strong beams of moonlight into two small portable projectors. This would then project a significant beam of green light into the green below. Which would help hatch the hundreds of lunar locust eggs she planted.

Ellen conned his friend into believing that she came to Earth to help the human race and prevent the invasion. So Jake fell for it and Jake and helped Ellen set up the projectors. On the cusp of the full moon. Jake threw the ring device in. Then at the last moment, Julie cluelessly threw the necklace device in.

Then just as the full moon took place, it sent amplified beams to the projectors. Which emitted strong green beams of light to the ground below. Which in turn instantly began to hatch the hundreds of eggs in the ground. Then in no time at all, the earth would be invaded and eradicated by these invasive species!


  • Shawn Potter also portrayed Ben & Duchamp.
  • Shawn Potter was also in the Goosebumps episode "Phantom of the Auditorium" as Zeke Matthews.

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