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This good character is a hero.

Pete Matt is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness.


Pete is a young man, who loves classic and vintage black & white movies. He and his friend Katie Halloran worked at a very old movie theater called the "Rialto". He and his friend worked for their boss and theater manager Mr. Kristoph. He was aware that the old movie theater was going to be closing soon, but he kept a positive attitude about it and tried to encourage customers to still enjoy the shows. Although the only customer he would mostly see was an old blond woman in a red hat.

Before his boss told him the place was closing, his friend Katie Halloran told him that she was prepared to get a new job at big busy multiplex called the "Quad". He tried to convince her not to give up on the "Rialto" Since the place was historical and memorable.

He was not ready to give up. He formed a campaign to keep the "Rialto" opened and have it declared a historical landmark. On his days off, he would spend hours outside in the cold handing out flying to support his campaign to keep the old theater open. His friend Katie Halloran didn't help him with his campaign, because she was too busy. But she still supported him. He asked her out to dinner one evening, but she said no because she had homework.

Then one evening, Katie Halloran asked him how the progress on his campaign was going. He said it was going slowly, but he would not give up until the "Rialto" was declared a historical landmark. So it can never be closed.

Then an hour before the theater opened, he heard a loud pounding on the door. He called out to the person knocking, telling that they weren't open for another hour. When they kept on knocking, he got a bit annoyed and rudely yelled at them to come back in an hour.

Then the person forced the door open and came inside. The person was no other than Dr. Vink! Pete, Katie Halloran and his boss listened to what Dr. Vink came to tell them. It was that he came to help their movie theater. Dr. Vink claimed to have been a film maker many years ago. And that his films were very popular. Then he saw Dr. Vink make a film canister containing a movie he made appear. It was a silent black and white film about a vampire who wins. It was called: Nosferatu: The Demon Vampire.

He was wasn't sure whether or not to believe him when he guaranteed that showing the movie, would greatly attract more business and increase their fortunes beyond their dreams. So he and Katie Halloran put the film away and forgot about it.

Then one night the film they were showing shorted out and broke down. He could see that Katie Halloran was about to tell all the customers that the show was cancelled due to technical difficulties and give out refunds. Then he talked her into showing Dr. Vink's movie.

The movie was terrifying, but a real success and when it was over nobody wanted a refund. So he and Katie hugged in celebration. Soon he proudly witnessed the "Rialto" go through a quick and successful comeback. Also he was so relieved to hear that the place wouldn't be closing. Then he found out that Mr. Kristoph got greedy and wouldn't keep his promise to Dr. Vink to show his movies one night a week. As a thank you for the help.

Then one day, he went running over to Katie Halloran. He said that he believed that when he fell asleep in the theater, Nosferatu exited the screen and came into the real world. She talked him into thinking he was just seeing things, after working at the place for so long. Then he and she were about to have their first kiss when they heard Mr. Kristoph scream.

He and Katie Halloran found Mr. Kristoph passed out and with two bite marks on his neck. Katie Halloran wanted to phone the police, but the phone line was cut. Then he and she kept running into Nosferatu! He and she were terrified, so they tried hiding from him.

Then having an idea, he asked her to play the reel of the movie. Luckily Katie Halloran turned the projector on just before she got bitten. In the movie she could see him entering the world of fiction. He struggled to get the coffin into the sunlight on time. Then seeing he was in danger, Katie Halloran told him she was thinking of turning off the projector. He told her not to, or he would get stuck inside the film. Then just as Nosferatu approached him, he open the curtains and slayed Nosferatu by exposing him to sunlight!

Afterwards, he was freed, Katie Halloran was all right and his boss was back to normal. Then he saw Dr. Vink, who saw the whole performance like he had just seen a wonderful movie. Dr. Vink applauded him on a remarkable performance. Then he found out that Dr. Vink had the most disturbing news. He just purchased their movie theater. So now Dr. Vink's movies can play every single night. He along with the others were just shocked to hear this! Whether he was able to quit working at the "Rialto" and get away is unknown.

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