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This is a neutral character.

Peter is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Forever Game".


Peter is short-tempered, and a slight arrogant and obnoxious bully. He used to mistreat and bully his friend Mark. Until Mark proved himself to be just as good as he was. Now he mostly mistreated and bullied his younger sister Monica. He also enjoyed scaring her and getting her going. He, his sister and his friend Mark are athletes and mountain bikers. They enjoy riding through trails in the woods. However he didn't always take into consideration that his sister was smaller than him. So she could not always keep up with him.

During the events of the story, he, his sister and Mark were riding along a trail. When he got annoyed with his sister's inability to keep up. He rudely told her to either keep up or to go home. As he rode on ahead, Monica looked hurt. She told Mark that she wished that he wasn't so mean to her.

Then he noticed a hidden trail. Since he saw it as a challenge. He persuaded them all to ride it, At the end of the trail, he ended getting them lost in what seemed to be an endless maze. That was inside a small wooded area with a very weird old tree in the center of it. Intrigued by it, he touched the tree. Then he was instantly teleported into a hidden underground room. Then suddenly he was welcomed by a another teenage boy. The other boy introduced himself as Nathaniel and he seemed very pleased to see that he had arrived. Nathaniel explained that the chamber they were in was for a game. Then Nathaniel asked him if he wanted to play it.

Nathaniel explained that it was called "The Forever Game". In the middle of the game was a viewing globe. This was where anyone in the woods outside could be seen and heard, but they could not see and hear them. Next Nathaniel explained the game: They start from the tree and spin the wheel and choose any path they want to go. Then it's the first one to make it to the door at the end. He agreed to play and Nathaniel was ecstatic. Then he told him to calm down because it was only a game. Nathaniel told him that it was more than just a game, and to just wait and see.

Nathaniel took his first turn. Then he landed on a button that activated potpourri. They watched on the viewing globe outside. Instantly Monica and Mark had potpourri blown onto them. Then he took his first turn and had a choice: To either make it rain, or start lightning bolts. He gladly picked lightning bolts. Suddenly in the woods, The potpourri vanished. Next Mark and Monica were caught in a terrible thunderstorm. Watching all of this he was laughing and having so much fun tormenting her.

Then Nathaniel became quiet. So he asked him what the problem was. Nathaniel explained that on each new turn, the events from the previous turn end. However, The Burden Beast will stay outside for their remainder of the game. Then a vicious humanoid beast monster arrived in the wooded area. The monster extended its sharp claws and viciously growled. Monica and Mark ran off horrified. As it tossed its claws like lawn darts after them and began to hunt them down.

Now he was furious. So insisted on ending the game. Since there was nothing funny, about his friend and sister getting killed. Then he saw that Monica left a pouch of food behind, to distract the Burden Beast, so they could run off and hide. He was now proud and supportive of his sister. So he decided to quit the game. Nathaniel said that he couldn't and they had to finish it. He annoyingly asked why they had to finish it. Nathaniel informed him that the winner gets to leave. But the loser has to stay there forever. Which is why it's called: "The Forever Game".

Nathaniel explained to him, that he didn't mean to trick him into playing it. But to try and understand that he's a victim just like him, who had no choice either. Finally Nathaniel convinced him to keep playing. Because if he didn't they would both be stuck there forever. Also Mark and Monica would be trapped in the woods forever as well.

So he reluctantly continued to the game. On his next turn he landed on a button that activated a sticky pit. Then in the woods, Mark began sinking in sticky quicksand. So Monica grabbed a stick to try and pull him out. Then on Nathaniel's next turn, Mark was finally freed from the sticky pit.

Finally after taking his time, Nathaniel landed on the instant nighttime button. This caused the woods to be in nighttime for the remainder of the game. There he watched Monica and Mark cleverly hide away from the Burden Beast again.

Then on his next turn, he now had a choice: Either switch with Mark or Monica. Or: Go back 15 spaces. He realized that he could not switch with his friend or his sister. Because they would likely lose the game. Since they would come in late, and not understand it. Therefore they would never be seen again. So he reluctantly went back 15 spaces.

Then he and Nathaniel could hear the whole chamber shaking. He found out that his sister figured out that the weird old tree was source of all the problems. So now Monica and Mark were trying to knock it down. He was now proud of Monica for making this discovery. So he tried to help them. Then he took his chances and purposely moved backwards 8 spaces. He luckily landed on the lightning bolts buttons. So this would help lightning strike the weird old tree. Nathaniel didn't seem to care and took his last spin and went up one space. Nathaniel landed on the broken stick button. This caused nothing to happen. Until the next turn. Hearing this he decided to take advantage of this and let the lightning keep on striking.

Eventually outside, as Monica and Mark jumped out of the way in the nick of time, a huge lightning bolt came and zapped the tree. It struck and destroyed both the tree and the game. Then outside everything went back to normal. In clearing smoke Monica and Mark found him freed at last. He was thrilled and proud. He explained that he saw everything that happened to them. Then he told his sister about how great she did. Then suddenly an elderly man walked up to him. He revealed himself to be Nathaniel. Since after all these years old age has caught up with him. Nathaniel didn't mind, because he was finally free and applauded them for finding the way to destroy the game once and for all.

Then he asked Nathaniel where he would be going. He said that he would be going back to his old neighborhood. The place that he's been away from. Ever since he ran away in 1929. After Nathaniel left, they asked him what that was all about. He promised that he would explain everything to them on the way back home. With Monica leading the way. Hearing this, his sister happily smiles and leads them back home. From then own he gave his sister the respect she deserved. And together they beat the Forever Game...Forever!

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