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"You were right!, it's all done by mirrors. Which you've cleverly managed to avoid!"

Peter Kirlan III is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Captured Souls".


Peter was a brilliant, mad scientist. He specialized in youth restoration. He mostly used it on himself to stay young forever. He had a vacation resort hotel for families to stay at for a relaxing vacation. What his guests never knew was that he had built a machine in his attic bedroom. This machine was wired and connected to a series of mirrors all over his house. 

When he would go inside the machine, he immediately activated it. Instantly all of the mirrors in the entire hotel would slowly captured the youth and souls of any of the guests. As long as they were currently looking at the mirrors. Or if they were close by the mirrors. Eventually his guests would die of old age. Then he would go to the family graveyard in the backyard near his house. There he kept track of his victims on black silhouette markers. They were shaped like a man, a woman, a child and a dog. The count was: 21 men, 15 women, 34 kids and 10 dogs.

Peter had gotten away with this for what seemed to be many years. For many years, Peter remained a young teenager. That was until one summer The Sellman family and their daughter Danny came to his resort hotel for a relaxing vacation. Normally, Peter couldn't have cared less about any of the guests staying in his hotel. He would just and slowly drain the youth and souls out of all of them. However he took a shine to Danny. In fact he started to have a crush on her.

Danny was suspicious of him from the start. She was turned off from creepy he was. How he was all alone and dressed in old-fashioned clothes. Along with why he looked like people appearing in 1920's pictures. As well as to why he seriously and so defensively never wanted to have his picture taken. Or to be in anyone else's pictures. She soon stopped looking into the mirrors. Therefore she stopped aging rapidly.

Danny had been up to Peter's room, a few times usually when Peter was there relaxing. One day she went up his room when he wasn't there. Her curiosity got the best of her. So she pressed the red button and watched as his room converted into a lab. She can see on a security camera an elderly man. This man was serving her parents tea in the drawing room. Only to go downstairs and see that the person serving her parents was Peter! He was wearing the exact same clothes that the old man on the camera did. This shocked her making her realize that he was actually an elderly man!

Danny came across his family cemetery near the house. There she saw that his own gravestone. It said he was still alive. Also she found the silhouette makers. Then she figured out that he had been stealing peoples youth and souls to stay young. Peter came across her and told he she was right and applauded her for cleverly avoiding his mirrors.  

He told her soon she would be alone because that night her parents were "Checking Out". Meaning they would dying from rapid induced old age. Peter tried to bargain with her. He offered her eternal youth and to live with him in the house forever. But she thought that he was crazy, by going against nature and not the right way of life. So he decided that if she wouldn't join him he would take her life soon as well. She took his picture with a Polaroid. When the flash temporarily blinded him; she ran off.

Eventually Danny found him in his lab about. Here he was finishing off her parents youth to keep him young. She told Peter that she knew exactly what he was doing. Si she was going to stop him once and for good. Then she tried to make him look as his true old self in the mirror. He backed away in disgust and she trapped him in the machine. Then she reversed the machine all the way to minus. His machine worked rapidly and smoked and overloaded. Peter came out with his true old age catching up with him.

Eventually back to his true old self he said goodbye to Danny. He acceptingly told her he would be joining his family soon. Now because he saw the errors of his ways and he was ready to embrace death. Or possibly because he was too old to fix his machine and wait for new victims to show up.

It can be assumed that he passed away very soon after Danny and her family left but the exact time is unknown.


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