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Phil is a minor character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


Phil is the store manager for Game City: an electronics store. He is a stressed and short-tempered person. He looks down on poor people, believing that they are usually thieves. And he admires rich people. His regular customer is a snobby rich boy named: Allan Price. Allan's father is a successful lawyer. So he lets Allan run a tab and when Allan is ready to purchase, he phones Allan's father to authorize the payment.

During the events of the story, Allan came in for a usual shopping trip. He tried his best to serve him and even offered to order him a video game that was not currently available in the store. But Allan was rude and pushy to him and didn't appreciate his service. But he tolerated it from him. Since he was eager to make a bundle money off of him.

He then came across a boy named: Jimmy Miller: A poor boy from an average class family. Jimmy had been inside the store for a long time just looking around. Jimmy was particularly interested in the video game: "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". He got fed up and and sternly snapped at him. He told him that his store was not a museum. So he was to either buy something or leave. He then remarked to Allan that he doesn't trust poor people. Since they never buy. They always just look. Also many of them usually steal things too. Then Allan told him Jimmy was his brother and not to speak that was about him. Hearing this, he got worried that insulting his brother could cost him Allan's business. So he immediately apologized to Jimmy.

Then when he went to call Allan's father to authorize payment, Allan's father declined. He told him that Allan had already spent the current limit of his allowance. Also that he needed to learn the value of money. When Allan says there has been a mistake, Phil says he made it wasting his time with a snobby kid like Allan,He was now furious, that he went to all of the trouble of loading him with a bunch of new computer games. Then finding out he wasn't going to make the sale. So he rudely snapped at Allan telling him what his father told him. Then he rudely told Jimmy that he now knew that he was not Allan's brother. After a brief argument over a payment process he snapped and rudely kicked them both out. Then he asked them not to come back and he was glad Jimmy and Allan were gone and free of them Then just after he kicked the boys out, he noticed that a copy of "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge" was now missing from the shelf. So he immediately assumed that Jimmy had stolen it. However, it turned out that he kicked the boys out so fast, Allan was still holding it when they left the store. But the truth was never disclosed to him.

The next day he was informed that suspects had been caught. So he was summoned to court as a witness to point out which boy he believed had stolen the game. What he did not was that "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge", was such a sophisticated game that cyberspace actually created a realm for it. He had been brought to the court of Wisdom, where both Allan Price and Jimmy Miller were on trial for stealing wisdom. He pointed out to Jimmy. He said that he had seen him staring at the game in his store for a long time. Then after he kicked him and his friend out, the game was gone. Afterwards he was immediately teleported back to the real world.

What he didn't realize, was that in the court of Wisdom stealing was a capitol offence. Therefore if a defendant was found guilty of theft, they would be executed!


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