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The Phone Company Manager is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phone Police".


The Phone Company Manager, is a elderly man with many years of experience working for Telephone companies. He is also the head of the Phone Police. He is very serious and strict when it comes to obeying and enforcing the proper rules of using the telephone.

If he catches a person who abused the usage of the telephone, he would have them locked up in a cell without mercy. He's also very short-tempered. If a prisoner doesn't answer their phone in their cell, he will scream at them until they do so. If they continued to not listen he'll go after them, to possibly send them to a solitary confinement cell.

Also he's a great leader. He leads the guards and organizes chases and pursuits, if a prisoner escapes (which according to him no one had before).

Until he had Captured Jake O'Brien, who promptly escaped with the help of his friend Chris.


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