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 The Phone Police appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phone Police".


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Many people believe them to be just an urban legend. However they very much do exist. They are a secret vigilante police group. They strictly enforce the rules of the telephone often without mercy. They enforce certain rules of using the telephone, to anyone who breaks these rules they will eventually find you and arrest.

Their three main rules are:

  1. You don't let it ring for too long.
  2. You don't leave it off the hook.
  3. You certainly do NOT make prank phone calls!

To anyone whom is caught by them breaking these rules, they will eventually catch the person one way or another. When they capture a person (usually a child) they lock him or her up into a dark jail cell for the rest of their lives. Therefore they will never be seen or heard from again.

When the prisoner is locked away, they use their reality altering powers to change reality. This will make it look as if the new captured prisoner never existed and is nothing but an urban legend. They'll give the prisoner nothing but a toilet, a bed and a telephone. However. there is a catch: The phone can only take incoming calls.

Also the phone in their cell is slightly enchanted. The phone can't make any outgoing calls, but for some reason it can call back the phone number of the person who recently phones them (possibly part of the trap). Since they are so secretive, it can be a little tricky. Therefore, they'll set up a trap. They will have word of their group getting passed around as a myth or urban legend. Which very few people may know at a time. Therefore some people may think it's actually a story that they made up themselves.

Then they'll pull a little stunt, such as having a captured prisoners phone number added to phone book. The phone number usually has just 6 numbers liked an old-fashioned one. Also the name and number will stand out in big and bold letters.

Then a story about the person and the Phone Police quietly spreads around. Then when an intrigued person who hears the story, (usually a person with a history of making prank phone calls) calls that prisoner, the captured prisoner may begin calling them back repeatedly. Usually screaming for their help to be freed from the jail. This might cause the person to go crazy and visit a phone company. They do this to possibly find why a person from that phone number keeps calling them.

Then when a phone company Receptionist realizes a rule breaker of the phone is present, he or she will press a button. Then the phone police will be summoned to the basement. The rule breaker will be lured to the basement and then arrested. Then reality will be altered, as if they never existed. Then only them and anyone else who was inside the building at the time will still remember them. Then they will be locked up for the rest of their lives.

It is implied that a prisoner can be released if they manage to lure another rule breaker to the Phone Police, as the new prisoner will take the old prisoner's place as an urban legend. What happens to the released prisoners is unknown, it is possible they may end up working for the Phone Police.

Sometimes, to avoid suspicions of being revealed to the public (such as when an escaped prison returns home), The officers may pose as something like a pizza delivery man. From a company called Mouse Pizza.

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