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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Professor Felix Barish is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".


Felix came from a rich family. In 1944 he enrolled at Tillinghast Academy. which is a prestigious private school for boys. Where the rich pay to attend, but the poor and regular class come on prepaid scholarships. Shortly after he enrolled he became best friends with a poor boy named: Jasper Davis.

The rich boys in the school soon formed a school club, which became known as The Lion Society. He was accepted into the club. However his friend Jasper was not. Since the club was selective to the rich and high society only. Unlike the rest of the club, he never let the idea of being rich get to his head. So he continued to treat Jasper nicely. To cheer him up, he got Jasper permission to take the Lion Society club photographs for the yearbook.

Then one day, the Lion Society played a prank on Jasper. The Lion Society told Jasper that hey wanted him to join their club. Jasper was thrilled because he finally felt as if he was going to fit in. Then soon enough the Lion Society revealed to Jasper, they had no intention of letting him join because he was poor. Then they begun to chase Jasper all the way onto the clubhouse roof. This was where Jasper accidentally fell off and died.

Then a month later a mysterious photograph of the old clubhouse appeared inside the new clubhouse. Then he saw his friend and another fellow member get trapped into it after they looked at it. He immediately realized what was going on. Jasper had become a vengeful ghost. So Jasper was using a magical photograph to trap members of the Lion Society. When a Lion Society Member saw Jasper in the photograph, Jasper would take their picture. Then the victim would be teleported into the photograph and trapped there for all of eternity. Nobody believed him, they thought that he was either crazy or just playing another prank. So he carefully hid the photograph behind the painting of Headmaster Broffman.

Eventually he became a teacher and coincidently came to teach at Tillinghast Academy. Most likely to make sure nobody ever uncovered Jasper's magical photograph. For over 55 years all seemed to be safe and sound. Then in the year 2000 the current Lion Society President Renfrew assigned pledges to pull of a prank to join the club. A pledge named Chandler thought it would be amusing to swipe a portrait from the hall of headmasters, and hang it up in the detention room. However Chandler was sloppy and set off the alarm.

Once he realized that the portrait of Headmaster Broffman had been stolen he was tense and fearful. He was worried that the culprit would find Jasper's photo and reactivate it. Therefore he immediately had the school security guard frantically search every dorm room. He almost found it, but Chandler and his roommate Alex peeled off the portrait and hid it in their closet.

The next day, he overheard Alex asking the school librarian specific questions about the portrait. Such as if there was anything specific beneath it. He immediately realized that Alex and Chandler had the photograph. When he confronted Alex he wasn't mad. He just wanted to make sure if he had the photograph, he would just return it to him. Alex first denied it, worrying that he and Chandler would get into trouble. Then when he made Alex realize that he knew why Chandler was now missing, he revealed to Alex that the same thing happed to his friend as well.

So he told Alex all about himself and how he met and befriended Jasper Davis and how Jasper had died. He also informed him about Jasper's photograph and what it could do. Then he warned him to cover it up, before it could capture anyone else.

Soon he realized that Alex figured out that Jasper's photograph was also a port key. When entering the old Lion Society clubhouse with it, it activated the black and white dimension inside the photograph. He ran inside just as Jasper set his sights on capturing Alex. He ran in and demanded for Jasper to leave him alone. Jasper was astonished over how old he was now. Then Jasper mentioned that he betrayed him and chased him onto the roof with the others. He denied this. He claimed that he only ran after him to help him. Then Felix madly mentioned that he covered up his photograph leaving him lonely for all those years. He revealed that he had no choice. Since he wouldn't stop capturing the Lion Society members. Then before he could reason with him anymore, Jasper took his picture. Then he was trapped inside a wall mounted photograph.

Alex then stumbled upon a secret that Jasper did not know about: When standing by a window it mirrored ones own reflection. So Alex pretended to surrender. Then just as Jasper took the picture, Alex jumped out of the way. So Jasper got caught in his own reflection. Then trapped into his own wall mounted photograph!

Alex then opened the camera, and exposed the film. This freed all of the captured souls, but the realm began to fade and expose. He and Chandler were both freed and thanked him and applaud him on his bravery. Then he said that he hoped that his friends from 1944, along with Jasper were now in a better place and at peace.


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