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The Punks or The Punk Bullies were minor characters created by David. They appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Twisted Claw".


When pranksters Dougie Freeman and his friend Kevin, played a prank on a woman named Miss Clove, she gave them the Twisted Claw. To teach them a lesson and to learn to be careful on what they wished for. Then Dougie mistakenly wished that they could lose their Hallowe'en night and have their trick or treating cancelled.

Therefore this group of bullies suddenly appeared. They all wore Phantom of the Opera masks, to conceal their identities. Whether or not they were already outside picking on either kids is unknown. But Dougie and Kevin walked right into their clutches. Being short-tempered, rude and condescending they all worked together to taunt the two boys and try and persuade them to give them their candy.

When the two boys tried defending themselves and say no, they all got really angry. Then their leader threatened to beat them up if they didn't give them their candy. As the leader tried to take Kevin's candy, Kevin pushed him and fell back into all of their bicycles. When they helped their leader back up they all got on their bicycles to chase after them. They all agreed that when they caught the two boys they would pound them. But Dougie and Kevin out ran them. So they were not seen again.


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