Ray Lawson
"Every conductor needs to have a watch"



Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Powers and Abilities:

Train Magic


Engineer/Train Conductor(During life), Ghost

Cause of Death:

Derailing train crash.


To be freed from his train, and have someone else take his place.


Ends up giving up his Conductor's Watch and his train and is left to walk up and down the train tracks forever now that his watch is broken and has no train to oversee.


"The Tale of Train Magic"


Colin Fox



 Ray Lawson, was an engineer and train conductor. Many years ago in the 1910's he was a train conductor for a train called the 713. Back in that time radios weren't invented yet. Therefore, when the operators from the train stations needed to contact the conductor, they would leave a message on a poll. The conductor would have to keep track of the time by keeping an eye on his watch. This let him know when to put his hand out the window and grab the message as the train would go by.

Then one night, a little further up on the train tracks from train switch 224, construction was being done on the train tracks. Ray Lawson was left a message to stop his train and switch the tracks. This was because back in that time a conductor had to stop the train himself and get out and switch to the other train tracks manually.

Ray feel asleep, and forgot to check his watch. Ray never got the message, therefore and never knew he had to stop and switch the train tracks. When his train came along, it derailed and crashed and killed him and all his passengers on board. The 713 because a ghost train, and Ray and some of the passengers haunted the train. The train relived and repeated the same accident every night ever since it happened.

Then in 1995, a young boy named Tim Williamson lived in one of the houses that his train once crashed into, Tim developed a frequent obsession with trains and wanting to become a conductor himself. Ray, was insane and evil now and he wanted his freedom, so he tried to persuade Tim to take his place as the conductor of the 713. This was finally done, when Tim was in a trance and accepted His conductor's watch after he hypnotized Tim's maintence worker friend from the train station, Cap Anderson, forcing him to board the train when he told him to stay away from Tim. Then he throw away his hat and decided to have nothing more to do with his train.

However soon Tim's older brother Hank, manually switched the train tracks in time. This was done just as the ghost 713 train came along the tracks. After this happened Tim was relieved of duty and he and Cap were freed, and all the passengers' ghosts were freed too. However Ray wasn't so lucky. Since he gave up his train and watch which was smashed by Tim who refused to become the conductor, he no longer could do anything but walk up and down the train tracks now.

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