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The Receptionist is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phone Police".


Not much is known about her. She is stern, serious and comes off rude, cold and impatient. She takes her job working at the phone company (and for the Phone Police) very seriously. She knows all about phone numbers, and whether or not they are foreign or discontinued. She can always sense or suspect that something is wrong. Whenever a customer visiting the Phone Company is suspected of abusing the phone, she will press the special button under her desk and alert the Phone Police. Eventually she was visited by Jake O'Brien and his friend Chris. They asked her about a certain prisoner's phone number. This made her realize that they were guilty. Ergo, she pressed the button under her desk and alerted the Phone Police. Then she told them to check the "records department" in the basement, when she actually was luring them right into the trap of being captured.

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