The Red Haired Boy, appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons", he was portrayed by Spencer Evans.


Not a lot is known about him, not his real name or anything. Just that it's assumed that he was once a human being who became a victim of an evil

"Bite you once bite you twice a little water pay the price!"

Chameleon. The Chameleon eventually bit him twice, transformed into a twin clone of him then doused him with water and changed him into a chameleon. It can be seen that he is very cruel and mean spirited the way he teases and torments animals in the pet store, whether he was always like this is unknown.

He is responsible for the evil chameleon escaping the pet store and following Janice Robinson home, What he did was, showed Janice Robinson and her best friend Sharon, the terrarium that housed a Chameleon. He encouraged them to touch it, and only Janice did and she got bitten on the finger and accidentally knocked the terrium over allowing it to escape. He tauntingly told "Bite you once bite you twice a little water pay the price!". After this he walked away and wasn't seen or heard from again.

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