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Reed Hansen is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup".


Reed Hansen was orphaned at a young. So he was adopted and raised by an uncle. A short time before the events of the story, his Uncle passed away. Then he moved on with his on life, fending for himself. He went on from working one job to another.

Soon he applied for a job at The Wild Boar Restaurant. The restaurant was owned and run by Dr. Vink. Dr. Vink became famous with his most popular dish: The Dangerous Soup. The soup was beyond delicious and became very popular. It made both the restaurant and Dr. Vink a fortune. He was interview by Nonnie Walker. She was the restaurant's hostess and bookkeeper.

Soon he met Dr. Vink. He thought that Dr. Vink seemed like a nut bag. Then he tasted some of Dr. Vink's dangerous soup. He just loved it and thought it was delicious. He so badly wanted another taste. But Dr. Vink forbid him from having another taste. Also Dr. Vink warned him that if he caught him, having another taste he would likely get fired. Dr. Vink admired how he was not intimidated by him and how brave he seemed to be. So Dr. Vink hired him, feeling he was perfect for the job.

After he started his job, he always seemed to just keep to himself. He never got close to anyone or let anybody help him. This upset and disappointed Nonnie, because she liked him and wanted to become his friend.

Then one night, when he thought the coast was clear, he saw his chance to taste more of the soup. So he begun tasting it and he was immensely enjoying it. Then Dr. Vink entered the room and he was mad. He asked him if he was tasting his soup. Then Nonnie stood up for him. She lied to Dr. Vink saying that he was just wiping the stove. So Dr. Vink seemed to believe Nonnie and he was okay.

Then he thanked Nonnie for standing up for him. She didn't believe him at first. Since he had been so self-centered and such a loner. Then he apologized to her, explaining that he has always had to do things on his own. And he hasn't been used to people being nice to him. Nonnie now believed him and they became friends.

Then he and Nonnie heard a co-worker named Jersey screaming. It was coming from a small dark freezer in the kitchen. When Jersey came out he and Nonnie could see that Dr. Vink had done something to scare her. So he asked him what was really going on.

So Dr. Vink disclosed the origin of the infamous soup to he and Nonnie. So He was led into a dark room. Then he was instructed to sit down. Then the wall panel came down and a Gargoyle came out. Dr. Vink told him that it knew what scared him. It turns out that Dr. Vink had somehow captured the gargoyle from a tribe of savage warriors. It used illusions to make its victims become scared. Then it would extract a green elixir. The elixir was fear itself. Which was a powerful and tasty emotion. This green elixir was used to flavor the dangerous soup to give it delicious and powerful flavor. Also when drank the elixir would give to the person their victims strength and powers.

When he was exposed to the gargoyle, the saw illusions of his greatest fear: his Uncle!. It turned out that the Uncle who raised him was a cruel man who treated him very poorly. Then he saw a coffin appear and Dr. Vink encouraged him to open it. When he did, there was his late Uncle's body. When he approached his late Uncle, his uncle grabbed him. This terrified him scaring him really badly. So this begun to collect Dr. Vink a large amount of green elixir.

Soon Nonnie opened the door to the dark room, and the Gargoyle escaped! Then the terrifying illusion of his Uncle had temporarily vanished. Now the gargoyle was free to cast its illusions anywhere and on anybody. So Dr. Vink left to recapture it. Soon the illusion of his Uncle reappeared and he looked mad. He begun to slowly walk towards him trying to apprehend him. He was terrified, until he finally faced his fears. So he finally approached him stating he would not let him haunt him anymore. Then after he waved his arms through his Uncle's illusion, the illusion finally vanished.

Then he went to help Nonnie. She got trapped into the dark room. He told her that since he faced his fears, the illusions were now gone. So Dr. Vink would not be making anymore dangerous soup.

Then suddenly Dr. Vink called to him and Nonnie from the doors eyehole. Dr. Vink told them they were wrong because the gargoyle was recaptured, and it still knew what scared them. He and Nonnie watched in horror as the wall slid open and the Gargoyle came back out. Dr. Vink told him and Nonnie that he planned to stay in business for a really long time. This meant that he and Nonnie could be held prisoner, until they were scared to death!


  • Greg Haberny, grew up to become a very successful artist.

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