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The Renegade Virus is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Renegade Virus".


The Renegade Virus, it was a terrifying looking short midget like person with a brain on the top of his head and titanium silver skin, created by a hacker named Evan.

Evan was constantly being teased and upstaged by his best friend Simon. Simon kept playing pranks on him, such as stealing his bike and making him late for school, beating him to the chance to ask out the girl Sonya that he liked. Therefore he implanted the virus in their computer teacher Mr. Poe's virtual reality program.

The program was to have a person actually see in their mind a trip to another period of time. Simon volunteered, and picked to see what it would be like to visit the middle ages as a Knight of the round table. However the virus took it over and got rid of the program. It instead taunted Simon showing him how life would seem if he was Evan and Evan was him and he had no good luck.

Simon woke up in what seemed to be another day, he heard his father calling him to see him in private study. However this was just the Virus simulating his father's voice. Simon was terrified to see him, he revealed that he was a computer virus and was planning to hack and take over his brain. Also he forged a gamepad port onto Simon's hand to upload himself into his brain. Once inside he revealed he planned to do some real computer damage in the real world.

Simon stated that since they were still in a game, that there needed to be rules and fair play. The Virus agreed and gave him ten minutes to find a way to stop it.

Simon went to his computer and contacted Poe's computer department. Evan answered and revealed he made the Virus as payback for all the misery he recently caused but would remove it he apologized. After Simon apologized Evan said it was supposed to be easy to remove and wouldn't harm him. Simon showed him his hand and Evan was horrified to see the connector port.

Evan was about to tell him how to stop him, but communication between the two computers was cut off. Simon eventually figured out the code was Evan's locker combo.

Then just before he could press any key to enter it, the Virus entered the room and tied him to the chair in cables and cords. He pulled off right glove to reveal his hand was a screw lock parallel cable. He was preparing to connect himself to Simon's hand to takeover his brain. Then Simon squirmed his arm free and pressed a key and it was aborted and removed screaming no!

Then just after all seemed back to normal, the school custodian rolls by with his bucket, it shows its hand was sticking out gripping on the rim of the bucket, revealing that it has somehow entered the real world anyways.

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