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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Renfrew is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".


Renfrew attends Tillinghast Academy. which is a prestigious private school for boys. Where the rich pay to attend, but the poor and regular class come on prepaid scholarships.

He is from a rich family. Therefore he looks down on the poor and regular class people. He is also arrogant, obnoxious, stuck up and overconfident. He treats many of his peers poorly. He mistreats, patronizes and talks down to poor and regular class students.

Following his family tradition, he became a member of the academy's prestigious club: The Lion Society. Eventually over the course of time, he became the club president. During the 2000 school year, his club was accepting new members. He hosted the pledges initiation. During the initiation he and the club were already familiar with two of the pledges: Chandler, another rich boy. Also: Alex, regular class boy who came to the school on a scholarship. He and the club already liked Chandler. But he and the Club looked down on Alex for not being rich. He was planning on letting Chandler in regardless or passing initiation or not. But he and the club were hoping that Alex would not pass initiation.

Soon he had four pledges left. So he gave them a real challenge: To eat the cold intestines of a wild boar blindfolded. One boy freaked out, failed and ran off. Meanwhile another unnamed boy, Chandler and Alex passed. It turned out be just cold cherry gelatin.

He finally gave the three pledges their final task: To pull off a bold and daring original prank. And to not be caught!

He privately told Chandler that he had been immediately accepted into their club. So he wasn't even worried about him pulling off his prank. However he expressed he and the club's concern about Alex to him. He told Chandler that they did not want Alex in their club. Since they thought he wasn't the right kind of person. Chandler being Alex's best friend tried to get him to chance his mind. Chandler told him that Alex was a great guy, honor student and athlete. Hearing this he still did not change his mind. He told him that the decision was made up. So if he did not agree with it, they would both be out. Also he asked Chandler to tell Alex for him. Since he felt it would sound easier being informed by a friend.

Later that evening, the school alarm went off. Word got out that a student had stolen a headmasters' portrait. Therefore the veteran teacher Professor Barish and a school security guard searched every room. But it was not found. He was unaware that Chandler had stolen this portrait. Chandler was still planning to go forward with his prank, by hanging up the portrait in the detention room as a joke.

Then a little later, he heard Alex screaming frantically for help. So he and the Lion Society all ran to his room to see what was the matter. Alex claimed that the photograph on the wall was magical. Since the boy in the picture used a camera to capture Chandler into the photograph by taking his picture. He and the club assumed that he was still trying to pull off his prank. So he the others were not amused. He reminded him that their club was not interested in. So he informed him to not both pulling off a prank. Alex kept on claiming that it was not a prank, but it had really happened. He and the others did not believe him. So he and the club dismissed themselves.

What he did not realize was that Alex really was telling the truth. The headmaster portrait Chandler swiped had a hidden magical photograph under the portrait. It was an evil magical portrait created by the vengeful ghost of Jasper Davis. Jasper Davis was a poor boy from the 1940s. Jasper had been mistreated, and rejected from the Lion Society club. One day The Lion Society teased Jasper and chased him all the way up to the roof of their clubhouse. It was here that Jasper Davis accidentally fell from the roof and died. After dying, Jasper being a photographer created that magical portrait. It was designed that so when a Lion Society member looked at it, Jasper would appear and take their picture. Then the victim would become trapped inside the black and white dimension for eternity in a wall mounted photograph. Eventually Professor Barish sealed off Jasper's photograph, by covering it with the portrait of a headmaster. It remained concealed for over 55 years. Until Alex and Chandler mistakenly reactivated it by peeling off the portrait. Therefore Jasper was free to capture Lion Society club members once more.

The next day, he was looking all over the place for Chandler. He was unaware that Chandler had gotten himself captured into the photograph the night before. He came to Alex and Chandler's room. Here Alex was annoyed and cold to him. He rudely invited himself into their room. Then he tried to reason with Alex. He wanted him to understand that his rejection was for the best. Also that he wouldn't have been happy in the club anyhow. Then he saw the photograph on the wall. He was impressed to see it. He claimed it was an photograph of the old Lion Society clubhouse, from the old part of campus. He was warned not to look at the person in the photo. But he ignored Alex's warning and looked. So his picture was taken and he was immediately captured into the photo.

Soon Alex had a hunch that the magical photograph was linked to the old clubhouse. So Alex visited the old clubhouse with the magical photograph. It acted as port key into the black and white dimension inside the photograph. Here Alex encountered Jasper Davis' ghost. Jasper had just captured Professor Barish. So now Jasper set his sights on capturing Alex. But Alex stumbled onto a secret: When standing near a window, it mirrored ones own reflection. So just as Jasper tried to take Alex's photograph, Alex jumped away. So Jasper got caught in his own reflection and got trapped himself.

Then Alex opened the camera and exposed the film. So the dimension faded and exposed. Then he, Chandler and Professor Barish were freed. He was completely astounded with Alex. He believed that Alex had just pulled off the most incredible prank of all time. So he congratulated and applauded him. Then he told him that they made a mistake. So he now happily accepted him into the Lion Society. Hearing this Alex now had change of heart, feeling the club was for just stuck up snobs. So Alex quit. He was shocked to hear this. So he asked Chandler to convince Alex to change his mind. Chandler now had a change of heart as well. So Chandler quit the club as well.

Afterwards he had a creepy feeling about the old clubhouse. So he nervously asked them to not leave without him.

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