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This misunderstood character is also a ghost.

"Here I am, Mike."

Ricky Hagerty is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle".


Ricky and Mike Buckley were best friends. They enjoyed riding bikes and fishing together. One day he and Mike raced each other to the bridge. He and Mike were unaware that the wooden fence on the bridge was worn out and flimsy. So he stood against it on his shiny red bicycle, as he and Mike were discussing the upcoming fishing season.

Then suddenly as he and Mike were talking, the wooden plank on the fence he was standing at fell off. Then his shiny red bicycle fell into the river. As he tried to catch it, he fell over. Mike tried to grab his hand and pull him up, but his hand slipped. Mike then tried to pull him with the strap of his backpack, sadly that didn't work either. Then he fell into river, which was rushing full of fresh water since a dam worker had just opened the flood gate to let more water in. Here Ricky drowned and died. His story became big news and the topic of discussion for years to come. Also the bridge where he fell in was repaired and reinforced.

Then five years later, in heaven he had seen a glimpse into the near the future. It was where his friend Mike's younger brother Ben gets stuck between rocks in the river looking for a fishing lure. Then dies from drowning when the water comes rushing in.

So his ghost began to appear to try and to contact Mike. He appeared to be soaked and frozen and spoke almost faintly. Mike at first thought he was he evil and that he wanted revenge on him, for not saving his life. So when Mike faced him, he surprisingly revealed to him that he was not mad at him. Instead he is grateful that he tried to save his life. Also he could never harm his best friend.

So he informed Mike that he had come back to warn him about what was going to happen to his younger brother. So he loaned Mike his shiny red bicycle to hurry over to the river and save him. Then he and Mike told each other that they missed each other and had their goodbye.

After Mike saved his brother in time, his shiny red bicycle changed. It became rusted, bent out of shape and warped.

Then soon afterwards, a fisherman finally found his body and his remains were buried.


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