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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Ricky Winter is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter".


Ricky was a young man obsessed with watching television. One evening, Ricky's mom left him with a highly recommended babysitter named Belinda. He objected feeling that since he was now 12, that he was old enough to be home alone. But his mom did not think so. So she did not call off the babysitter.

Soon Belinda joined him in the living room and insisted on turning off the television. She wanted them to get to know each other and become friends. He agreed on reading a book for five minutes, and should would leave him alone the rest of the night.

So he began to read out loud a scary book about an evil witch. Then as he read it being loud, the sounds of a storm could be heard. The the lights begun to flicker off and on. There seemed to be someone knocking on the door, but he ignored it. Then he stopped reading it because he found it to be boring.

Next he tried reading a book called: "The King's Sword". Then as he read it out loud, a shadow of a cloaked sleeve appeared on the wall behind. Then a creepy hand appeared coming out from the side of the wall, and it started to reach for him. He had difficulty read this one so he gave up on it as well.

Belinda warned him that once you begin reading a book, that you really should finish it. But he didn't take her seriously.

A little later, he was relaxing on his bed playing a video game. Then he heard someone coming into his room. Then when he looked to see who was there, it was a medieval knight! The knight wielded a longsword and tried to chop him! He got away in time as the knight slash his pillow. He was horrified, so he ran off to find Belinda.

Then at the other end of the hallway, was a ghost wailing. Then he found Belinda in living room burning her books in the fireplace. He told her what he saw and she said that she knew all about it. Therefore he should not have started those book in the first place. Since they're dangerous and they came from books, they must burn them. Then they will go away. So he helped her burn the books.

Suddenly someone knocked on the living room door. Belinda's voice was heard telling him NOT to listen to her. She then demanding to be let in and she forced her way in. Ricky then realized that if she was Belinda, then who was the other person. Suddenly the person who looked like Belinda revealed herself to be a witch! He ran away scared. It turned out that Belinda was a young witch and Silvertongue with an overactive imagination. So both the benevolent and malevolent manifestations of her imagination literally come to life when they are read about. So they must be contained within books. He and Belinda hid inside the kitchen. Then they bolted the door shut by pushing a table in the way.

He demanded her to make it all go away. She says that she can't because he is into the stories for now. So now he has to finish them. She tells him that he now must use his imagination to finish the story. That is, before he becomes the witches dinner. He didn't have much enthusiasm at first. So he tried to end it early with: "Okay, some weird stuff happened then it went away. Then they lived happily ever after the end". This of course didn't work and they could still hear sounds from all the characters. It turned out that he has gotten two stories mixed up. So now he must sort them out. Then the witch broke into the kitchen and tried to grab them, so he and her run off in fear.

He and Belinda went and hid in the basement. She asked him what happened next. Still with not much enthusiasm he said: "They ran down to the basement, where he kept his Uzi (a type of machine gun). One he kept just in case any knights, witches and ghosts appear. Nothing happened again. Then he noticed that Belinda was carrying a certain book everywhere with her and she kept peeking at it. He suspected that she knew what would happen and what the ending would be. So he insisted she give him her the book. Although that book was empty, he still suspected that she knew. He confirmed that he was ready for the challenge of the book she held. So she finally gave it to him

When he opened the book, he got transported into a medieval dungeon known as a tomb. He now immediately noticed that everything he would say or do is mentioned in the book before and after it happens and he as reads it out loud. Ricky reads that he realized that he was no longer in his comfortable home, but in the crypt of ancient castle. Then he reads that for hundreds of years no one else has been in there, and by the look of things no one else will.

Suddenly, he can hear the approaching sound of clanking metal. He can see the Medieval Knight from earlier approaching him. It has its longsword ready and begins to chase after him. He almost loses the book, but he gets it back in time. He tries to run and hide, just as The Knight closes in on him and prepares to strike. He reads that Knight was there sworn to protect the tomb for his beloved King. He has waited throughout the ages for a sign (meaning possibly someone to carry on his place). He gets confused about which the sign the story is referring to.

Then just as The Knight holds his sword up high to strike, the sign appears above the hilt. It matched the same longsword portrait that was on his shirt. He immediately recognized this and showed his shirt to the Knight. Seeing this, The knight immediately pledged its allegiance to him and bowed down offering him its longsword. After taking the longsword The Knight fell apart into nothing but pieces of armor. He reads that who ever wields the sword, will become the defender of the death. hearing this he felt that he didn't want to become a defender. So he dropped the sword.

Suddenly, a voice called out. The person was a little girl holding a lit candle. She sadly told him that she was lost, and she could not find her way home. So she wanted him to help her. He reads that he wonders, how could it be that a little girl from so long ago could be there right now. She tells him that if he can put the book down, he could help her find her way home. He becomes frustrated, telling her he has no idea how to get home either. He then reads, she seemed out of place like from another time. Then he carefully looks at her as she lowers her head. He begins to feel somewhat angry, and says: "Or from another story! You're not a little girl."

The little girl transformed into the Witch from earlier. Then she yelled at him to put down the book, while laughing and cackling. Before she can approach him, he picked up the longsword and sliced her across the chest. The Witch screamed in agony with green slime oozing from her wound. Then she ended up turning into solid green slime herself and vanished. He continued to scream in horrified shock.

Near him, a false wall in the tomb opened up with a message and realizes In his heart he knew the answer. He figured out that his story so far involved: The Knight who was defending the tomb against the witch, and he was the ghost from earlier in his house. The Knight's ghost now flies in and transforms into a King. He now realizes that his story was about a King, who was placed under a spell cast by an evil witch. His spirit was cursed to wander the earth forever. The king's spirit animated a suit of armor into a knight to remain there to defend the tomb. Until a brave hero would show up to help defeat the witch and save the King. He now bowed before the king with utmost respect, offering the sword.

Suddenly, he appeared back in own home and time, and Belinda tells him that she just finished reading the story. Just then his mom returned home and was happy and surprised to see him reading and really enjoying it. She eventually pointed out that the book on his lap: "The Dark Tomb," had his name on it. He was shocked and asked Belinda if it really happened. On her way out, she smiled hinting yes and said that it was only a story.

His mom was thrilled that Belinda finally help introduce him to the wonders of reading. Then he searched all over the library but he never found another copy of "The Dark Tomb" or any of Belinda's other books because they were first and only editions.

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