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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Rose Carballo is a character created by Quinn. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Vampire Town".


Rose is the wife of Mark and the mother of Adder. She loves her family dearly. Unlike her husband, she is more supportive of her son unusual interests. For the past while her son, had developed an obsession with vampires, and the possibly of becoming a vampire hunter. Along with the fact that her son always dressed in a goth style, wearing black clothing and dark sunglasses. During the events of the story, a mortician named Carl Mueller was nearly attacked by a vampire in the small town of wisteria. A week later, her son decided that they visit the small town of Wisteria for their family trip. Her son wanted to visit the catacombs and hunt down vampires.

She didn't believe in vampires herself. But she went along with it because she wanted her son to be happy being himself. Also to show him that she supported his interests. So she insisted that they visit the town of Wisteria. Although her husband objected and would have rather taken them to a football game. She kept reminding him that it was Adder's turn and to support his decision. On the way, she and her husband were repulsed by a really foul smell. Apparently her son was carrying a vial of a rare vampire delicacy. It was a mixture of raven's blood with nightshade and mandrake all the way from Romania. Which apparently vampires cannot resist.

She and and her husband reserved two rooms at the Wisteria Inn. Inside they meet the hotel manager Stanley, Stanley was a quiet and seemingly paranoid man. She and her husband checked into their hotel room right away. Then she mentioned that their son Adder (trying to thinking like a vampire) wouldn't be checking in until it was it nighttime. This and her son's appearance gave Stanley the wrong impression that her son was a real vampire.

Later that evening, when she and her husband were asleep, her son broke into the catacombs below the hotel. Here he mistakenly found and awoke the greatest vampire of all: Dreyfus. In the process, Stanley and Carl Mueller attempted to hunt her son down with hammers and stakes. But at the last moment, her son saved Carl Mueller's life. When Dreyfus appeared and tried to attack him. Her son exposed Dreyfus to the morning sunshine and destroyed him. Afterwards her son felt that he had enough Vampire excitement for a while.

The next morning she and her husband woke up having had a good sleep. But they were not informed about their son's vampire slaying incident. She and her husband were shocked to see their son had washed off all the makeup and was now dressed like a normal teenage boy. Then what really surprised she and her husband, was that their son was ready to check out of the hotel. Then to go over and see that football. So her son stopped inside the Inn to say goodbye to Stanley.

However, this would be the last she would ever see her son again as his old normal self. As he said goodbye to Stanley he asked Stanley who could have attack Mr. Mueller the week before, if Dreyfus has only arose the night before. Stanley then told her son that, he was hoping everyone would think it was him, because it's getting harder and harder going around undetected. Her son was then shocked to see Stanley that had no reflection! Stanley was the vampire! He then told her son: "I Hope you like Vampire Town, because you'll be staying here a long long time!". Then in a big hiss, Stanley opened his fangs to bite her terrified son! Soon either Stanley or even her own son would come after she and her husband!

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