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This is a character with an unknown status.

Ross Campbell, appeared in "The Tale of the Pinball Wizard"  He was portayed by Joseph Posca.


He was a mischievous, greedy, loner. He would do whatever it took to get something he wanted. He would even be checking payphones for loose coins and walk right into the water fountain to find money, usually to play pinball arcade games. He was interested in working a job at Mr. Olson's Shop, possibly just as means to keep having

"Come on.. You can trust me! :""

more money to play pinball or to buy the nice custom water guns he saw on sale in the mall or even both reasons.

Mr. Olson reluctantly gives him a chance to watch the shop for him late one afternoon when he goes out to lunch. Mr. Olson told him specifically not touch his new pinball machine game. Ross gave Mr. Olson his word that he could trust him. But as soon as Mr. Olson was gone, he broke his promise and begun playing the new pinball game.

Then a little later he ended up entering a world that was based on the pinball game he was playing. He figured to escape he had to play the game through and crown The Princess. 

He successfully played the game through and crowned The Princess, but afterwards he realized he was still trapped in the game. He hears Mr. Olson from outside the game evilly laughing, and tells him since he broke his trust as punishment he's now trapped inside the game forever. Ross is last seen watching a gigantic silver pinball from a new game Mr. Olson is playing. The ball is obviously ready to crash down on him if he didn't get crushed by it this time he will eventually and die. Seeing that ball he just knew that he would never get out.

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