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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Ross Doyle is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Ross Doyle is nice, mature kind and caring person. He attended Greenwich High School, with Vanessa and Jesse. During the events of the story, his school was producing the Shakespearean play: Macbeth at a local theater. He had a crush on Vanessa. Therefore to spend more time with her, and get to know her better he auditioned for the school play. He never thought that he would get a part. But to his surprise he did. He was in trouble, because he felt that he wasn't a much of an actor. So now he was stuck performing on stage in front of tons of people. When all he wanted was to go on a date with her. One day he met with Vanessa at a coffee shop to discuss the play. Here he told her about how nervous he was. Since he had never done it before. Therefore he was afraid that he might mess it up. Vanessa gave him advice, saying that the best thing to do was to just forget about acting and picture yourself actually being the character.

Then their director Kim, asked he and Vanessa to come to the theater, because they had a lot of work to do. On stage, Jesse teased him about having stage fright, and told him that his role wasn't as important as his own. Then suddenly the lights on stage flicker.

Vanessa encouraged him to not feel put down by what Jesse said. Since his role was very important as well. Ross wasn't too inspired. So she tried help motivate him. Vanessa then rehearsed the scene where Lady Macbeth sees a spot of blood on her hand. So she held out her hand and rehearsed it. When suddenly a few drops of blood really did fall onto her hand. This freaked her out. So she asked him how he did it. He claimed that he didn't do it. Seeing that he laughed, she thought that he was mocking her. So she walked away feeling insulted.

Then he began to whistle while cleaning the stage. This caused the lights to flicker again. Then a middle aged woman came by. She told him that it was bad luck to whistle on the stage. She introduced herself as the wardrobe mistress Hermione St. Claire. In return he introduced himself, saying that he was a lousy actor who was just playing Macduff. Hermione told him that his role was very important. Then he explained what had happened and why Vanessa got angry and left. Hermione told him that strange things have happened many times before in this theater. Therefore people have claimed it to be haunted. He didn't believe her and thought that she was joking. But she assured him that she meant it. Hermione said that it was haunted by a ghost whom is usually harmless. But it will go after people who disrespects the theater and its traditions.

Vanessa came back and he told her what Hermione just told him. She says that it's just a ghost story and to not let it scare him. Hermione then mentioned that it would be the first time that the theater had a performance of the play in fifty years. He said that they were only performing Macbeth. Hermione reacted feeling startled and screamed. She told him that it was bad luck to mention the name of the current play in the theater. So she asked him to spin around three times and leave the room and come back in. She also warned him that it is also bad luck to leave the dressing room with his costume on. Unless it was time for the actual play.

Then he suddenly found the Weird Sisters' cauldron full of bubbling green slime. Inside was a vision of an actor dressed as Macbeth. He addressed him as Macduff. Then he told him that the final battle was coming soon. Then suddenly an arm emerged and it grabbed his neck. He screamed for help. When the ladies got there, he explained what happened. But the cauldron was now empty. Hearing this, Vanessa thought that he was making up excuses to quit the play because he was scared and nervous. So she left feeling disappointed. Then he caught up with her and explained that he wasn't sure what he saw. But the whole play was just creeping him out. Vanessa then told him that he was really good. So she felt that he should have gotten the lead role instead of Jesse. Hearing this he now felt more encouraged and smiled. Then he revealed to her that the real reason he auditioned for the play was to spend more time with her. Vanessa felt pleased to hear this. So she before she left, she kissed him on the cheek.

Just before he left a green translucent ghost of Macbeth appeared before him. The ghost threw a dagger. It landed into the wall right next time him. He was horrified as the ghost screamed its head off. Addressing him as Macduff again, it asked him if he was prepared for the final battle. Then the ghost and the dagger vanished. The next day he met with Vanessa and Kim. He was now feeling very scared and nervous. He told them that he needed to quit the play. His excuse was that he had fallen behind in his school work. Kim was not pleased, because the dress rehearsal was that night. Vanessa didn't believe him. So she madly confronted him and got him to confess that he was just scared. Seeming as if she had given up on him, she became disappointed in him. Then she told him that she and Kim would just find someone else.

Then he returned to the costume room to speak about the strange happenings to Hermione. However she wasn't there. A different middle aged woman named: Gwen was. She said that only she worked in the costume room. Seeing that he looked troubled, she asked him if he needed any help. He replied by saying that not unless she believed in ghosts. Hearing this, she told him that he must have met their resident theater ghost Adrian Harcombe. She explained that fifty years ago, the theater was having performances of the same play. Adrian was cast in the leading role of Macbeth. Adrian was a fine actor, and the play was going wonderfully. Then just before the final act, Adrian suddenly got terminally sick and died.

Gwen then showed him the old advertisement poster. The poster revealed that Hermione St. Claire was cast as Lady Macbeth in that very play. Gwen also revealed that she was also Adrian's wife. This shocked him. So he asked her why Hermione didn't tell him about this. Hearing this, Gwen became astounded. She said that it was because Hermione St. Claire had been dead for the past twenty years. Revealing that Hermione St. Claire was a ghost as well!

Then he met up with Vanessa. He tried to truthfully explain why he quit the play. She didn't believe him. She still just thought that he's making up excuses. Since he he was too nervous and scared to go through with doing the play. She was very upset and disappointed in him. So she told him to go away. The next evening, the cast members were all in costume preparing to do the dress rehearsal. He stopped by to speak to Kim. He asked her who would replace him as Macduff. Kim said that she would do it. Then Ross told her that since his role is so important he's had a change of heart. So he asked her if he could come back. Kim was pleased to hear this and said yes. Also Vanessa was also very pleased with him and smiled.

The dress rehearsal went smoothly. Then just before the final act began, a chain mail costume took human shape. Adrian Harcombe emerged! When the final act began, Jesse didn't show up. Then slowly Adrian walked onto the stage in place of Jesse. Adrian came off as being terrifying and menacing. So the rest of the cast ran off the stage scared at the very sight of him. He dropped his sword and was almost frozen in fear.

Then at the side of the stage, Hermione appeared. She begged him to do the final act with him. Because he had waited for so long. All Adrian wanted to do is finish his performance. She begged him to help him finish the play with him. Now he realized that Adrian wasn't out to get him. But only wanted to perform with him. He also realized that this was his unfinished business. So he decided to help him do it. So the act began and they engaged in an impressive and violent sword fight. As Macbeth Adrian almost won. Until he as Macduff stabbed him (no blood). Macbeth then died from his injury, collapsed over and died. Finishing the final act perfectly

Then the stage lights went out and everyone clapped and applauded. He observed Adrian bow to all of the people. Then Hermione ran right into Adrian's arms giving him a big hug. Then she transformed into her younger self in her old 1940s costume. While Adrian appeared to look healthy again. Adrian and Hermione bowed to the audience. Then Adrian nodded at him to thank him for his help. Then after Adrian and Hermione passionately kissed, they both vanished in a flashing aura, crossing over to the afterlife.

Later that night, afterwards Vanessa was very impressed with how well he did. She mentioned how amazing it was. He said that it would be a real tough act to follow. Vanessa now knew how committed he was. So she kissed him on the lips. He was pleased saying that would do. Then she asked him if he would stay with the play. Now inspired and excited, he told her that he certainly would.


  • Jay Baruchel also portrayed Joe, Alex and Jason Midas.
  • Jay Baruchel also co-starred with Elisha Cuthbert and Vanessa Lengies in the children's show Popular Mechanics for Kids.

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