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This good character is a heroine.

Roxy Preston is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Fire Ghost".


Roxy's parent had split up, but they were still close friends. Her dad Dan was a firefighter and was often away from home. One night her mom Linda, she, her younger brother and the other firefighters all got together and through her dad a surprise birthday party that went really well. Then her mom had to go back to work at the hospital, and left she and her brother with their dad.

Suddenly, the lights began to flicker off and on. Captain Bill said it was because of the fire ghost who haunts the station. She listened to her dad tell her brother that there was no such thing and not to worry about it.

Then suddenly, the fire alarm went off. Captain Bill said there was a fire at a warehouse. So her dad told her to call their mom and let her know about it. After the fire engine left, she tried to call their mom. But the phone line wasn't working. Also the power went out.

Then she and her brother saw a fireman sliding down the pole. The fireman approached she and her brother and introduced himself as Jake Griffin. He informed she and her brother that he watches the station when the others are gone.

She asked Jake if he's ever heard of a Fire Ghost. So Jake told she and brother that a fire was like a wild animal. The fire lives, it dies, and it thinks. Because fire will do anything to survive and grow. It's the firefighter's job to stop it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's dead. The spirit of the fire remains. The Fire Ghost follows the firefighters back to the station looking for revenge. Jake then told she and her brother to never get caught by a Fire Ghost! Or it would pull them into its world of eternal flames!

She said that she has never heard of it happening before. Jake said it was because the only way a fire ghost can cross into our world, is if someone looks right into the flame. The she asked why it has never happened before. Jake said it was because firefighters face flames everyday. So they know enough not to let it happen, and that Fire Ghosts hate firefighters. And she and her brother just happen to be the children of one of the very best firefighters. So she and her brother must be very careful, while they're in the station. After Jake left, she though that Jake was just old and crazy.

Later in the night she and her brother heard the phone ring. She was happy to hear it working again. When her brother answered it, she overheard a sinister laughing voice that threatened to come after them. She was now really worried, realizing they were no longer alone.

Then suddenly, a hose wrapped itself around her brother legs. It begun to pull him into the equipment room and closed the door. She frantically banged on the door crying for help. Then suddenly, a suit of firefighting equipment came to life. When the door opened, the firefighting suit chopped half the hose off, enabling her brother to break free. Then she and her brother ran upstairs frantically calling for Jake to help them.

She and her brother encountered the firefighter, who revealed itself to be Jake. He informed she and her brother the that Fire Ghost was here. So she and her brother were told to get out of the station as fast as they could. Also to be aware that the Fire Ghost was full of tricks. She asked him how he knew so much about ghosts. Jake revealed that he knew, because he was one also. Then he vanished.

She and her brother couldn't exit the front door, since now there were flames burning behind it. So she and her brother escaped through a window that broke earlier. Then she and her brother ran into a police officer. She and her brother tried to explain to him that a Fire Ghost was after them. And their dad is a firefighter, who works at the station. The Officer wants to see things for himself, so he goes inside with them.

When they return inside the station, all the lights and power work again. The Officer called out to see if anyone was inside, and no one answers. They lead him to the equipment room where the Fire Ghost was. But nothing was in there. Thinking this was a prank, the officer asks them to wait inside the equipment room. While he looked around the station. They keep refusing to go in. Until the officer suddenly transformed into the Fire Ghost itself. Then a scorching flame, burned like a flamethrower inside the equipment room. Then he vanishes in a puff of smoke; while laughing.

They run off terrified, in another room. There they see Jake sitting down. He says that he warned them, that it was full of tricks. He tells them he was disappointed, because he told him not to look at the flame. Hearing this she was furious, but her brother said it was only for a second.

Jake informs them that only one second is all that it takes. So since her brother was the one who released it, he's gonna have to be the one to stop it. Then she and her brother planned to defeat the Fire Ghost. So her brother taunted it out to come out and get him. Then the Fire Ghost, slowly approached her brother. Then she walked up to it from behind, and she sprayed it with a fire extinguisher and it disappeared.

Suddenly, the fire ghost came back with a vengeance. Now her brother noticed the sprinkler system on the ceiling. Now her brother thought up a way to trick it into setting them off. So her brother begged it to do anything, just not to use its power of fire.

The Fire Ghost, took her brother up on the taunt. Then it used its full power, engulfing itself in flames. The flames burned so high, that they touched the ceiling. Then it set off the emergency sprinklers. Then instantly the Fire Ghost was doused and drenched. Then it vaporized into a pile of ash.

She and Jimmy rejoiced and hugged in victory. Jake then told she and her brother that his job here was now done, and then he vanishes. The fire engine came back and their dad came in wondering what the deal with the big mess is. She and her brother both run into his arms giving him a big hug. Soon she and her brother began to spend more with their dad, after he realized the Fire Ghost was gone and Jake was now at peace.


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